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I do not do well around crowds; usually I become anxious and nervous about surroundings. Tonight is the first time I have been around a large crowd and it seems like my spasticity in my legs is tremendously worse. Has anyone had this occurrence? Or is it just me?

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Can you give some more information. I’m not sure why the amount of people around you would increase something like spasticity.

The only thing I can think of is if you also have Adrenal dysfunction, that your increased sense of anxiety have an effect on other physical symptoms.

I do have Addisons also. That makes sense. I do have some extra hydrocortisone for stress dosing. Will see if that helps. Thank you!!!

All the best. 💓

It seems to have helped. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 😘

Crowds don't bother me, spent my entire life in big cities.

But, if I'm stressed, my legs go to jelly. And my hormone levels are fine.

Stress, it'll take years off your life.

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Grew up in a town of 300 most of my life. Well actually about 5 miles outside of town with no close neighbors. I live in a town of 5,000 now. Was around 2,200 at the play that night. Most were in the lobby areas waiting on the doors to open to be seated. I’m still in the learning curve of what this mess is doing to my body and how to handle my body’s reactions.

Yes! It's all about confidence and I am exactly the same. My bladder also tends to play up in these situations. I just take my time, take my sticks and try to be as obvious as possible so that people can get out of the way. But... before the event I still get anxious about it. The only way to make it better is to go out a lot, but even then, it's still in the back of my mind.

There you go, flight or fight.

30 different hormones get released. Plenty goes on, but relevant to this discussion, your muscles tense up. Throw that in on top of already overtensed, spastic muscles and it's game over.

I'll be honest, since I stopped working, I don't get that stressed lately. But any kind of standing up argument would do it for me.

More so is the stress of any kind of tiredness, illness, etc. Instant jelly legs.

Move to London, Tokyo or NYC. You'll soon get the hang of crowds. My thing is, never, ever get out of anybody's way. I can do straight forward walking, but the old left/right, not in my condition.

It never ceases to amaze me of people walking in front of your direct path expecting you to move out of the way even when walking with a cane! I won't do it and rather have then run into me and react incredulously shaming them.

Three times, I have been assaulted on the street. Every time they came up behind me, pushed me and ran off.

Me, plainly staggering along on crutches. We all know the kind of person that does this.

And, every time, I couldn't help but "OI, F*CK OFF! COME HERE NOW!". Force of habit.

They never did come back, none of them.

It's in the same ballpark, those that come right at you at the train station. Tough guys.

I feel apprehensive in a crowd only because of the lack of civility and those that are self absorbed. I cannot react fast enough to get out of someone's way when they are walking towards me. Sometimes if I'm able, I will tap the cane in front of me ensuring that nobody gets in front of me.

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I was using wheelchair because the length to go to the theater. I was very impressed about how civil and helpful most people were. I was SHOCKED! Restroom was crowded with a line during intermission and they moved out of the way and one gent actually helped me get in and to a stall. Maybe there is something to the Southern US States vs other places. Did almost catch a lady in my lap 🤔 she stepped back when I was behind her. Don’t know if my wife would have appreciated that though. I would have though 😁.

I have to say when I use my power chair it is different. However, when you are walking, you're at eye level and some people treat you as if you're aptly mobile.

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I can see that happening.

If someone is walking towards me, i often stop, wait, and see if they really want to run into me.

I’ve really noticed how stressed I get when grocery shopping with my husband in my power chair. So much that I’ve left that chore to my him now. People on their phones standing in the aisles, carts left in the middle of the aisle...people are so absorbed in what they’re doing I’m the one watching out for them! Put that on top of trying to shop myself I was coming home exhausted and in a lot of pain.

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