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Viking Therapeutics drug VK0214-102

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I was recently contacted about participating in a trial for the Viking Therapeutics drug VK0214-102, which is a potential treatment for AMN. Apparently they are looking for 36 participants around the country. I am not sure yet whether I will be able to participate in this study, but I'm wondering if anyone else in this group has been contacted about participating?

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This is the new drug in the pipeline that was announced at the virtual conference: new oral small molecule to treat adrenoleukodystrophy which is a novel small molecule agonist of the thyroid hormone. I remembered the keyword molecule. They just received FDA approval. I'm back with Min-102 using the drug which is to be completed in 2023.

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quilling in reply to SongStream

Thank you and to all who participate in trials.

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Roker1176 in reply to SongStream

Min 102 trial is until 2023 that seems long is that what they told you on the extension on Min 102??? Just curious I was told a few different things about that trial

Are you on the MIN-102 trial? I presume you can't do both at the same time

Probably not. But the sponsor is paying for my MRI's every 3 months until September and 6 mos. thereafter which will be reviewed by a radiologist familiar with Loes score. Also, all future trial appointments will be with a doctor familiar with adult onset ALD. I am receiving the best in care!

I was on the list for that at the Kennedy Krieger location in Baltimore Maryland where are you located for the trial

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Stanford, Palo Alto, California. I live in the Bay Area. I forgot that I received a tentative schedule for the trial and my next visit is 10/21 with an annual visit ending 2/24.

How do I learn more?

Nope, but am always open to this kind of thing.

I have not been contacted but may be due to already participating in MIN-102. I’d be willing to hear more about it to make an educated decision which is more promising.

I am interested in how you all were notified or became aware of MIN-102 and if that same channel was used for the Viking trial. Please share your insights, Thanks!

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KennyInPA in reply to fmorgan458

I already had been seeing Dr.Eichler at Mass General and since they are also one of the sites for the trial, I was referred that way for MIN-102.

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