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Home Office consider allowing cannabis oil prescription for epileptic boy



Have you been following this in the news? I have to hand it to the Mum. Cannabis oil is the only medicine that works for her boy, so she blatantly brings it through customs. And, of course, they seized it. But they didn't arrest her.

I'd like to think I'd go to the same lengths if my son was that sick. Look at public opinion on this now. And she has the press on her side, that's the battle half won. Though, I have just checked the Daily Mail and they don't seem too enthusiastic. No surprise there.

Even my Daily Express reading, Tory voting Mother asked yesterday if I could get her some for her back pain.

I feel neither here nor there about the old ma-ri-wanna, but it applies to us. For some of us it is one of the few, or only thing that stops the pain or spasms. If I needed it, i'd buy it, and I'd trust in the judgement of any jury in the extremely unlikely event of getting caught. It is not exactly hard to find in London.

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I’ve been watching this too. Glad the mum got them to release the oil before her son died. Would like to try it for my back pain too😆😆

Two mums with two kids in similar predicaments have been campaigning for sometime.


so 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

My mum - in Italy, where medical cannabis is available - has just started with 6,4% THC to move up to 22% (the kind of percentage we can only dream of here in the UK... outside of Brixton that is 😜)

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