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Support Medical Research and Spread Awareness with a T-Shirt

I realize these communities are U.K based but the reach is global. This is to all our friends across the pond. Cheers!

I received an email from the United Leukodystrophy Foundation (ULF) where all proceeds would benefit ULF research. This a great way to wear this shirt and help raise awareness of leukodystrophy. Hurry as it's only available for 19 more days. Orders will start shipping February 20th. Available in youth and adult sizes. I strongly compete with my abilities at the gym and I hope this message will "inspire" others as they have inspired me.


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Yes I agree, there are many charities for AMN and ALD, but the ULF has existed since before 1982, mainly I think as a result of Lorenzo's case. The ULF has been active for leukodystrophies for all that time. I joined in the early 80's when it was just about the only game in town, and before our U.K. charities (like ALD Life aldlife.org/ ) had got going. So very worth supporting.

Good luck all.


Thank you Chris for reminding me that the United in ULF represents us all internationally. They were my first go-to when I was diagnosed and I have benefited greatly through their newsletters and conferences.

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