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Nortriptyline capsules

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Hi All, I had an online appointment with my neurologist this week and I mentioned neuropathy pain again. He suggested Nortriptyline, generic for Pamelor, and I’m to start at 10 mg. in the evening and work up to 50 mg. in five weeks. Has anyone tried this? Any negative side effects?


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Hiya Debbie. I’m on Amytriptaline, 40mg in the evening. This relaxes my legs, & stops them from kicking. I’m guessing, (although I could be wrong), but your meds sound like they’re in the same family as mine.

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Hi KazzyALD, they are similar when I compared the two. After reading more about it, I don’t like all the possible side effects and think I’m going to pass on it. Baclofen stops my kicking at nighttime and I’ve been taking it for years. I take 75 mgs. Trazadone and sleep great. I’m going to stay on the Cymbalta too and leave my meds as they are I think. I appreciate hearing from you...thanks!

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Yes, you definitely need to do what’s right for you. I wish you well Debbie. Karen

High dose magnesium glyncinate works better than any prescription drug has for me. Sometimes adding potassium helps as well.

Thanks bluejadedwho. What’s considered a high dose?

I take 800mg before bed. This form of magnesium is best as it it is highly absorbable, and doesn't loosen your stools as easy.

Thanks so much

Personally, I wold be weary about adding an anti-deppressant medication to my regiment.

Hi. I’ve been taking notriptyline for chronic migraines and i noticed it has significantly reduced my neuropathy. Worth a shot!

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Hi Nauna, how many mgs. do you take?

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Hello Nauna

In How much time did you notice the meds started working ?

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