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DIY Gene Therapy

DIY Gene Therapy

Well, this was only a matter of time.

I have posted several times about Crispr gene therapy racing ahead, all sorts of diseases cured (maybe) in animals.

I knew about home Crispr kits for use on lower life forms. I even planned to buy one and have a play around.

But, here we go, people are attempting to alter their own genes, at home, livestreamed on YouTube.

Have a read:

I thought I was pushing the envelope, but this is something else entirely.

Here is one "clinic" selling gene therapy (though not advertised).

I am looking around to see who is openly selling kits, cannot find any, though since you can buy absolutely anything on the Interweb, I'll give it six months.

Somebody will offer an ABCD1 repair syringe, and somebody will inject it into themselves.

Look on the ALD forums, children are dying. A lot of rightly desperate parents there.

Only a matter of time. What do we all think of this, folks?

Oh, and Merry Christmas to you all, and Seifert_09, good to see you back in action.

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If any of you want to arbitrarily meddle around with the DNA of bacteria, right there, in your kitchen, be my guest.

And here is a helpful DIY, human gene repair guide.

All there on one single page.

What could possibly go wrong?

Over the holidays, I shall infiltrate this "biohacker" community and see what's what.

Try this article for size:


I think this is awesome! We are at a point where this disease is our hands already. So I say why the heck not. What’s the worst that could happen? We might actually knock out a cure and help countless people and families! Let’s do this !


Could go many ways.

When you consider that most of the people who buy Modafinil and all those other Nootropics online, they are perfectly healthy.

They are healthy, yet they are prepared to take medicine every day.

Then, there are the "life extension" crowd. Taking huge cocktails of meds, vitamins, hormones, et al.

If there was any huge danger in taking drugs like Modafinil or Piracetam, it would have shown up in that lot. Like a huge, uncontrolled clinical trial.

Probably be the same with gene therapy.

Will be huge in the bodybuilding scene, and plenty of people want to live forever.

A long way to go yet, but Crispr was illegal until a few years ago. Research dollars being poured into it now. And we don't know anything about the Chinese research. They were ahead of the West, that was what prompted the law change.

Look at DNA fingerprinting.

Used to take a lot of fresh DNA for the police to analyse the DNA, and it cost an absolute fortune, and it took forever.

Now, they can quickly get a cheap(ish) result and they can amplify a miniscule speck of DNA from decades ago.

Money. There is huge potential market in worldwide law enforcement for this.

We all see how fast technology is moving, especially if someone can make billions from the end product.

I am in no rush to stick a needle in my arm, not just yet. Then again, I am still in reasonably good shape.


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