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Umbilical cord blood could slow brain's ageing

Here we go...


Scientists have reversed memory and learning problems in aged mice with infusions of a protein found in human umbilical cord blood.

I posted something similar a year or so back about older mice being rejuvenated after being transfused with the blood of younger mice.

Blood transfusion therapy. It is allegedly used by a lot of Olympic athletes.

This one is slightly different, possibly of use to us. Or disease is linked to age, we gots to stay young.

I asked my neurologist about blood transfusion therapy, he just stared at me like I was insane.

I am going to properly investigate this. I am still convinced we can do a lot more.

Stay in touch, folks, I like to see how everyone is doing.

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My wife is due with our first child in October, and we plan to donate the umbilical cord blood. There are many benefits to this, and I feel that everyone should be doing it.

I hope this week finds you well, monkeybus.

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Congratulations, Aaron98.

The miracle of childbirth. I was there for the birth of my son, though the midwife wouldn't let me video it.

Seems treatments are moving a-pace, though not specifically for our disease, but something is bound to cross over.

I am in a good mood lately, haven't worked for six months, not planning on ever working again.

Baclofen pump this month as well, just waiting on a date.

I am seriously looking into blood doping, from the Wikipedia page:

"In 1998, the Australian Defence Forces approved this technique for the Special Air Service Regiment. Senior nutritionist at the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organization Chris Forbes-Ewan is quoted as saying that, unlike in sport, "all's fair in love and war." "What we are trying to gain is an advantage over any potential adversary," Forbes-Ewan said.[30] In this study, over 50 performance-enhancing drugs and techniques were rejected. The six that were approved are caffeine, ephedrine, energy drinks, modafinil, creatine, and blood-loading."

I am already taking creatine and Modafinil, going to India this year. I'll see if i can pay a doctor to give me a blood transfusion.

I am not joking.

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Thanks for the well-wishes, monkeybus. My wife and I are very excited.

I know you've been waiting for your baclofen pump for several months now. I'm glad to hear you'll finally get it in. How did you respond to the spinal test? We will all be eager to hear your thoughts on the pump in the upcoming weeks.


Had the Gablofen injection, completely poleaxed me. Couldn't walk. A nurse had to pull my pants down for the toilet.

Now, there's an image.

Couldn't walk, but I took a hefty dose of 4-AP and I was OK. I plan to continue the 4-AP along with the Baclofen pump.

Just waiting on a bed to free up now, saw my anaesthetist yesterday. Proprofol again. that is what Michael Jackson was addicted to.

Wouldn't be my drug of choice, multi-millionairre or not.

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