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ALD Connect's Breakout Session for Men with AMN

Next Monday at 7:00 PM Eastern, ALD Connect is hosting a conference call for Men with AMN as sort of a support/networking-building event. From their Facebook event page:

What are Breakout Sessions? They are conference calls that allow segments of the ALD community to share experiences and lend support to one another. Online discussions are great, but we at ALD Connect think being able to talk to someone who has similar experiences creates deeper connections and a more engaged #adrenoleukodystophy #ALD and #AMN community.

Join the discussion moderated by #ALD and #AMN patient advocate Justin D'Agostino as men talk about important issues they confront with adrenomyeloneuropathy.

Here's the link to the event to register:

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I would be interested, but I am on the west coast, and only just get out of work at 8:00 pm Eastern time. Maybe one of these events could be scheduled on a Saturday in the future, at a time that would allow men from all around the US and the UK to attend. At any rate, thanks for hosting these conference calls!

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Thanks for the suggestion Aaron. I'll be sure to pass it on.


And Australia and New Zealand please.

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