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4-AP / Fampyra

I was just wondering if anybody in the uk was taking 4-ap / fampyra as i would like to give it a go i ordered some from mod4all and got an email with an order number on the 21st of September but have received nothing i tried to reply to the email but it was returned. I would like to know where other people get it from or how to go about getting it from the Doctors as my GP has not heard about this looking forward to your replys.

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Andrew-432 , mod4all mailed me. They gave me my 4-ap for free.

I think they will mail everyone. Let us all know how it goes.


Well as I told you I got a receipt with an order no but no drugs so I waited for my credit card bill and when it came 4 weeks later they had not taken any money and I have had no email and no free 4-ap and it only takes a day to get to me so they may be dealing with regular customers first I will just have to see.


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