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AMN exercise video

I created this video to highlight possible exercises for adult men and women suffering from AMN. The video starts with a 4-minute animated "whiteboard tutorial" on the physical limitations of individuals with AMN, and then shows my exercise regimen (weight-bearing, balance, core strength and Pilates). Please send me feedback on this specific video and what other topics you'd like to see covered. Warmest regards, Ben Lenail - Palo Alto, California

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very impressive regimen, very encouraging to see that you have been able to overcome many of the problems, keep up the good work


Very nice video. I enjoyed the "whiteboard tutorial" very much as you don't see this often enough. It's usually a very vague or clinical affair when someone is doing a search on AMN.

I like the exercises and have made note of them for future reference. I have my own program with boxing training and PT that works for me, but I'm thinking somewhere down the road I will need to change my routine.

Thank you for posting!


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