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K2 question

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I'm taking Forteo, calcium and d3. I know I need to add k2. I'm not sure which one. My endocrinologist is not very helpful.

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I take Nutrizing 600 mcg. I take one about three times a week. I buy this on line.

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Andrea_Alpaca6 in reply to Kaarina

Thank you very much! I'm having a lot of anxiety about the best/safest way to manage my condition. Your reply is helpful.

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trabeculae in reply to Andrea_Alpaca6

I started taking Vit. K2 when I was started on Tymlos. The Tymlos educator recommended the MK-7 form of K2. I take 180 mcg daily - some people take 90 mcg daily. Mine is softgel form - I have used Jarrow & Carlson brands so far.

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Andrea_Alpaca6 in reply to trabeculae

Thank you for the info.

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If you're the type who likes a lot of information to help you make decisions, this website explains a lot about vitamin K2 and bone health. It describes the two forms of vitamin K2, MK-7 and MK-4, and provides citations to research studies. They do sell a supplement, so you can see if it's something you're interested in (if you're in the US). Otherwise, it's a good source of information.


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Andrea_Alpaca6 in reply to wellness1

Thank you. I can use all the helpful information I can get to make the best choice for me. I appreciate it.

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