My Mother has Dementia

My Mother is 87 and has had Dementia for about 2 years. She is having a hard time trying to accept she is losing her mind. It is very hard to deal with her on a daily basis. I have found that by her listening to her Music from her era helps her immensley. She tends to not want to keep herself clean therefore gets UTI infections which make her more delirious. I'm having a real hard time dealing with her at this point.

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  • SandiLux -- Now that you have stated you are having a really hard time dealing with your mother's dementia it is time to look into placing her in a care facility. I had to make that decision twice in my life, once for my mother when her caregiver, my father, died suddenly, and later for my husband of three years who was 76. It was easier with my husband because he was under hospice care, and the hospice social worker persuaded me to make the change before I lost my own health. I hope you can find a friend or relative who can help you make changes while you still have your own health.

  • Welcome to the community. You are right that music from your mom's era has a calming influence. If you haven't already, try scrapbooks and movies from her young adult years.

    Unfortunately, UTIs are very common with Alzheimer's. Have you spoken with her doctor or nurse for suggestions on how to reduce UTIs with your mom?

    All the best.

  • Yes I have talked with him at every appointment. He just yesterday referred me to a group that deals specifically with Memory Loss. I'll see what happens next. Thank you so much for your reply.

  • One of the newer treatments for frequent uti's in the elderly woman is vaginal estrogen cream 1-2 times a week. I have seen it work great. The prescription is cheapest if you have it made by a special compounding pharmacy. Are you in a support group?

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