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positive stories - hair loss / regrowth?

hello - i am a 37 year old who has been experiencing hair shedding for several months, to the extent that my scalp now shows on top along the parting.

My thyroid is ok (Tsh 1.9, T4 13.2) and all other tests are ok (B12 773, folate 10, Hb 12.8) except ferritin which is low (11) for which i now take ferrous fumarate.

I saw a derm who basically told me to wait and see if it gets worst (he said could be FHLP or chronic TE), and dispelled the ferritin as a "myth". He said that there is nothing nutritional I can do in my case as everything is ok.

Has anyone got a positive story of regrowth that would fit with my story? the derm did not give me much hope, unfortunately, and told me not to spend my money on viviscal and the likes.

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anyone? today is a bad day - have been feeling very anxious and isolated / helpless.


I have the same problem, you're not alone


You may be better off joining the Alopecia UK (Groups) on Facebook, as that will get more instant responses.

Many alopecia types do have the ability to recover, however if/when is purely a matter of time.. Docs do not have meds guaranteed to fix.. There aren't timescales, ie by this long X should happen.

Also support groups are for those in need, so they can give a warped view, ie that no one gets better, when reality is those recovered have no need to stay.


you are right re those getting better moving on with their life. But thank you for your reply - much appreciated.

I am staying off facebook groups as I do not like this part of my life (hair loss) mixing with other aspects (social space with friends family) - I try to keep it contained, otherwise, it creeps over everything and asphyxiate it...


Understand re Facebook. The Alopecia UK page is public and obviously the world can see.

The Alopecia UK GROUP page is entirely private, none of your family/friends can see anything you write there, nor can the wider public, it is entirely for Members only, and very supportive.

This set up isn't so active as was put in place when circumstances were changing with the support network, but it hasn't been embraced so much.

Hopefully you have visited the website, as there is a whole section on various different types of hair loss, which you may find helpful.



Hi if you would like to read my story about my son there are some positives 😊


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