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Female hair loss

Female hair loss

Hi All.

I am 42 and have suffered with female pattern hair loss since my late teens. It has really affected my self esteem.My hair is fine and coarse too and It has caused me a lot of upset over the years.

After years of spending fortunes on hair products, full blood tests and a complete healthly lifestyle review with no real results, I researched and went ahead with hair surgery in May.

I had 1750 grafts and I am here to offer help and support to anyone who is considering this and has questions they wish to ask.

I am not a health expert, but I can share my experience ( and photos) .

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Hi...I have suffered since early 20' now 58. I recently gave in and got my doctor to refer me to have 2 wigs (4 per year on NHS so 2 more to get in a few months). They are great, look real and friends, colleagues say the colour match to my own multi brown/grey hair is amazing. It is really brilliant that I can wake up, put my wig on in LESS THAN A MINUTE which takes less time than strategically hair sprayng my own hair in place. Go for will feel confident and great. Eve



It's big decision wearing a wig, to work, socially and seeing people you haven't seen for years.

I know in my office people would laugh, I work in a big open plan office. Don't think I would get a positive reaction from my family.

I wish I had the confidence to wear a wig at the moment my life is pretty much like ground hog day, I am just existing, I haven't 'lived' for years, alopecia has taken over my life. I've lost the best years of my life to this dreadful condition. I have no confidence, low self esteem, I always look down, avoid people I haven't seen for years. Never look in mirrors. I know I'll never get married (too late for children) or even have a relationship........

I hate you alopecia.


pummie a year later how ar eyou now


hi there , i also have a prescription for wigs too , i have a mesh base system on at the moment , but iv noticed its pulling more of my hair out , am considering removing it this weekend and just going to get a wog , but they only give you synthetic, can you tell me how you find the synthetic wigs , and what wig looks like kinda real if you know what i mean , the most natural , look forward to hearing from you , thanks x


Hi restoremyglory, thank you for being so brave in posting your pic. I have a similar pic on my mobile - taken to show my dermatologist. I too miss my hair a lot :-( I've tried so many different hair styles to cover up - but to no avail. Those around just keep commenting on how thin my hair has become. My self-esteem is way pass low. I've tried to be courageous about it and put up a brave face in public but when I get home and look at my former pic - I bawl my eyes out. :-( Aside from Wayne Rooney you are the 2nd person I know that speaks of such a surgery. As a result, I don't quite rightly know what ques to ask: Please can you first tell me about the type of grafts you have had? What were the preliminary tests you had to do? How long did the whole procedures last (recovery time)? etc

Why didn't you consider wearing wigs? What made you actually choose surgery as an option?


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