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Is there anything to stop this thinning hair on the top, I am just about looking bald

I am now taking iron tablets 3 times a day per doctors (plus taking Vit C with them), started them a week ago and I started taking Boots own hair, nail and skin tablets on Wednesday. Getting really scared and feeling depressed as each time I wash my hair more and more disappears, I only wash it once a week now but still loads come out and it did again just now after I washed it.

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Hi there

What is your diagnosis? Alopecia comes in various forms.

Have you been investigated properly, ie this is alopecia and not anything else, because there are conditions which have hairloss as a symptom. Most of us with alopecia have normal blood results, and this is how alopecia is diagnosed, because its NOT something else. There is no specific test for alopecia in its own right.

Alopecia is not actually something wrong with your hair at all.... supplements specificaly for hair won't help, though many of us try. It doesn't matter how often you wash your hair, or using any styling product or anything of that nature, because alopecia does what it does, and we can't influence it.

The problem is with the internal body, the instructions it sends out about growing hair, they have glitched, switched off if you like. The body can right this glitch without any intervention of any kind.

Trying visiting the original forum

where there is a whole host of information.


Hi Beejayz, when I went to doctors to explain about losing my hair, thinning all over he took blood tests which came back as my ferritin being 8 (I already have to have B12 injections and have underactive thyroid). He also said this could be due to a change in my diet as now have to follow a low fat diet for life due to acute pancreatitis attack I had in August and could a combination of both. My hair just doesn't seem to stop falling out!


The biggest issue with alopecia is the uncertainty. No-one from anywhere will be able to say what your hair will do tomorrow, and that means as much for the good as the bad.

Its trite to say, don't worry about it, because you will, but at the same time getting worked up will only do one thing, ie make you more and more upset. Been there done that. Alopecialand is a world all its own, has its own rules and behaviours and we are not party to them, I'm very long term, but STILL don't know what will happen tomorrow.

I don't know if its a comfort, but the emotion you express, the fears, worry, depression, anxiety, we all feel those too, so the hair loss may not be the same but the emotional roller coaster ride certainly is.

Looking after yourself in every sense is good for your well being - but hair has its own agenda, as I say its internal signals which have glitched. Trying to make yourself feel the very best you can, which can seem an impossible ask, is the way forward.


Thank you Beejayz, I'll try not to worry. Hope it gets better for you too. x


hi tracy what form of alopecia have you been diagnosed with have you tried a 2% minoxidil lotion?


has anyone suggested 2% minoxidil lotion which you apply twice a day in the morning and evening which is worth trying, but the only thing is you need to use it for at least six months to work and use forever as if you stop the hairloss will return.

I now some woman use the mens 5% minoxidil but thats only if the 2% does not work.


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