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What should I do now?

About a year ago I noticed a small bald patch starting on the top of my head since then it has got a lot bigger, I have been to my GP who did some blood tests? what they were for and when the results came back he said that they were alright. He diagnoised Alopecia and said the hair would grow back in a year. Unfortunately it hasn't. He also said that he was not going to treat it. I have tried several things, Biotin. Silica, Manoxidil which I had to stop as it made my scalp itch and flake very badly. I feel so down and hate going out in public. I really don't know what to do now......

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I would go back to the GP and specifically ask to be referred to a dermatologist. Explain how this is affecting your emotional wellbeing and your life in general.Your GP may not realise that it has not resolved by itself. If you don't think he will listen, try a different GP in the practice. .


There is no blood test for alopecia. However there are other conditions which can have hairloss as a symptom. So the blood tests tend to be standards to check on our general health, and that we don't have another condition. Alopecia usually gets diagnosed because its NOT anything else. Most of us have normal results.

The GP was wrong to say that your hair will grow back in a year. Absolutely the condition has the ability to right itself, and will do that for lots of people. But the timescale is just a guess. So it can still come back...

Often GPs don't treat initially, because of this very ability to self correct. However do ask for a derm appointment, because they can explain more options to you. I would warn though that no treatment exists which is a guaranteed fix. Scary I know. But what this means in practical terms is that a treatment could help you... but the same thing won't help me, ie there is not a one stop fix for us all.

Whatever is happening now, or is going to happen, you don't have to feel so wretched. You can get further information via the derm, and support from fellow alopecians.


Hi Beejayz, thank you for your reply. I am going to go back and ask to be referred to a Dermatologist just to see what they say. Appreciated your message.


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