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Hi random question, I've recently started getting this pain under my left breast near the ribs. It's a sharp pain and happens when I take a deep breath? Has anyone ever experienced this I need to make an appointment but just curious to see if anyone has experienced this personally. It's quite bothersome and I worry when it happens last for seconds but still.

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Hello Mloanddb

Sorry for the late reply. Any chest pain should be reported to your healthcare professional so the correct diagnosis is made and therefore treatment is given. You should always consult your GP or out of hours ring 111 for further assistance and advice.

Some people with Fibromyalgia often mention a condition called Costochondritis, unsure if people with ME find this a common occurrence too. This might be the reason for certain pains around that area but this diagnosis should be made by a qualified person. For information only, here's a NHS Choices link;

Hope you find out what it causing the pains and are giving something for pain relief

All the best

Emma :)

P.S Here's a link to a post about locking posts that might be of interest to you


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