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Temporal Arteritis


Hi, my name is jane, my husbands been suffering from Temporal Arteritis for 8wks, he can't lie down without feeling sick/dizzy, he's usually a fit 75yrs old, only looks 60s . He's had excruciating pain all over right side of face. He's got sleep apnea, falls asleep 30, 40 times a day, when he wakes he doesn't know where he is &mumbles about places we've never been or animals Rhinos in front of him. He's got double & tunnel vision, one rheumatologist wanted him to have biopsy, the eye specialist said nothing wrong with his eyes so he doesn't need temple biopsy &yet rheumatologist would like him to have biopsy but can't go against eye specialist decisions. Ken has follow up appointments also been referred to ENT, I'm so concerned about him as he's looked after me for 22yrs as I've M.E. & Menierres disease for 16yrs , I don't know how to help him, I feel he needs to see someone else before a month of seeing the other specialist.

Does anyone have this illness and how to sort it I would be very grateful of any help , information. Ken's been on 8 steroids totalling 40mg daily, they've reduced him to 6, next week 4 for 2wks till he's off them.

I thank everyone for reading this long message but I would love some help on this please.


Jane x

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Welcome to AFMCG UK Community ! :)

Sorry I didn't reply sooner, how is the situation now and how are you both managing?

As a newbie, I've noticed you haven't locked this post to the community and this means it is open to be read by anyone on the internet. Locking it means that only the first few lines can be read, here's the link to do this;


I look forward to chatting with you further

All the best

Emma :)

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