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Just felt like having a rant. Not having a good day today, pain is very bad today no matter why I do ,my whole body is aching. My husband and I nipped into town for a few bits. My legs felt like lead, every step felt like a massive effort. An just the slightest knock on my body sent my pain through the roof. I hate days like today, it just reminds me how fragile my body is, and just depresses me further. I know I'm not the lonely one like this but sometimes it feels like I am. But thankfully there are forums like this and people just like me that has fibromyalgia. As some people can't understand how much it affects our lives on a daily basis. Hope you all are feeling ok.


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hiya debbs, so sorry to hear that your having such a bad is very depressing feeling ill and weak and in pain. this is a bad day and you will get over it and hopefully tomorrow will be much better for you. did you go to the hospital on friday. i told you what happend with the letter i sent. it was so annoying. i will write again soon. I just wanted to let you know that your in my thoughts and prayers. try and have a nice rest debbs. i hope tomorrow is a much better day for you. all my love. grace xoxoxo 🌹

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Hiya grace

Thankyou for us kind words. Yeah was at hospital on Friday and will be again this Friday. Will be going on Friday's for the forseable future. My levels have gone back up again. No you never mentioned about hospital letter you'd sent. Will speak more in private chat as we do.



Hi Debs ,boy do I ever understand how you feel.I also have degenerative arthritis ,aswell as fibro ,and the pain is excrutiating.Trying to explain why I`m always so tired ,why I hurt so bad ,and why I need pain meds strong enough just to get me through the day ,is both frustrating and depressing.

most illnesses you can see.If my back/joints hurt ,it`s obvious.With FMS people can`t see if we feel like screaming in frustration ,and because despite feeling "off" with drugs (prescribed) ,nothing seems to really knock it on the head:(

Today I found this forum.I woke ,after just a couple of hours restless sleep ,in agony all over.I literally couldn`t stick a pin where it didn`t burn ,the pains weren`t stabbing ,shooting or throbbing.I tried standing in a warm shower ,but had to get out as I felt so overwhelmingly nauseated and exhausted.At some point my disability will change ,and I`m certain I`ll have to go through the process of applying yet again.This is demeaning ,as (aside from looking pale/tired) ,who can actually SEE all this pain? Stress exacerbates it all ,and so the cycle continues.I guess one thing`s for sure,i now understand why they have a psychologist in the room ,when you`re being analysed by a pain specialist.I wouldn`t wish this on my worst enemy!It sucks ,and the feeling of real inability to do the smallest chores makes me wonder what`s left ,and how I`m going to be as I get older..I send you gentle hugs love and much support.We all need it to cope with this condition .I just hope some day they can find a cure ,or even medication that won`t aggravate one or more of our symptoms.Take care ,so glad I found this website:)x


Hiya happy heart 77..

Your right its so frustrating this damn illness we have. There are many times I just feel like screaming. The pain I (we) all suffer is so depressing. Your right because people can't see our illness ,people think we are OK and pain free. My best friend of 25 plus years still thinks because I look ok I must be fine. I just wish she could walk in my shoes for a week then she may understand how I'm feeling,. I tel her I'm going or I've been to the dr and she says tel the dr to sort ya meds out. I've said meds don't help. I take a concoxion of drugs,from morphine tablets and patches, lyria (pregabalin) ,amatryptatine and lidocaine patches, all of this to get me through the day, so no is my reply to her I don't need any more drugs I just need for someone to have cure for us.

Like u I stumbled upon this website by chance, it's si nice to find people whom are in the same situ as me, I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel so alone. My husband and son are fab and are suffering this journey with me, I try not to Burden my son to much, but he knows what I'm going through.

I hAve a habit of when I'm having good days (which ain't very often) seems more bad than good, but I go at the housword and everthing else like a bull in a China shop trying to get all sorts done, then bam it hits me ice done to much they tell me off for doing to much, but I'm sure we're all the same when good days come.

Last year I also found out I've got hereditary haemochromatosis, thankfully is nothing serious just means I have to have regular blood taken as it means my body is producing to much iron, but I think good does anyone want to throw anymore illness at me. I think God I must of been a bitch in a former life to have what I've got.

Good ice just read this back before posting it, and seems like all I'm doing is moaning but it's nice to have a rant now and again. Takecare sending hugs back to you also. Xxx Debbs ☺


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