Just felt like having a rant. Not having a good day today, pain is very bad today no matter why I do ,my whole body is aching. My husband and I nipped into town for a few bits. My legs felt like lead, every step felt like a massive effort. An just the slightest knock on my body sent my pain through the roof. I hate days like today, it just reminds me how fragile my body is, and just depresses me further. I know I'm not the lonely one like this but sometimes it feels like I am. But thankfully there are forums like this and people just like me that has fibromyalgia. As some people can't understand how much it affects our lives on a daily basis. Hope you all are feeling ok.


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  • hiya debbs, so sorry to hear that your having such a bad is very depressing feeling ill and weak and in pain. this is a bad day and you will get over it and hopefully tomorrow will be much better for you. did you go to the hospital on friday. i told you what happend with the letter i sent. it was so annoying. i will write again soon. I just wanted to let you know that your in my thoughts and prayers. try and have a nice rest debbs. i hope tomorrow is a much better day for you. all my love. grace xoxoxo 🌹

  • Hiya grace

    Thankyou for us kind words. Yeah was at hospital on Friday and will be again this Friday. Will be going on Friday's for the forseable future. My levels have gone back up again. No you never mentioned about hospital letter you'd sent. Will speak more in private chat as we do.


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