Are you planning on having a Flu jab this year?

Are you planning on having a Flu jab this year?

This is the advice on Action for ME website

"The best way for people at risk from flu to protect themselves and their families is to get the flu vaccine. People with clinical risk factors are eligible to receive the seasonal flu vaccine free each winter."

Your comments??

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  • I have already had mine :) As well as the fibro I am Asthmatic. I can honestly say that it makes no difference to my pain and who needs even more aches and pains from Flu!??

  • I have had mine also, but not sure how effective it will be.

  • I went to my docs a few weeks ago and she had the flu jab ready for me lol.

  • i asked my doctor if i could have it because being on my own with 2 children and little/no support and having fibro, the flu is the last thing i need! i was told no. guess i will have to go to tescos!

  • I wanted to reply to the question about the flu jab. Personally I won't. How do I know I would get the flu in the first place? I understand that some may not want to take the chance but having the jab means they are injecting a milder flu anyway. There is a homeopathic version wjich I have used before. I noticed another lady wrote that she had the jab and then a few days lager posting a note to say she was having pain in her neck face nose etc swlllen glands. Could it be possible that she had a fibro reaction to having the jab? Of course its possible. Im 11 yrs with fibro so I do understand what igs like I hope im not coming across mean, I merely wanted to add a differrnt question in response.

    much love to all


  • Hello Zoe,

    I would suggest this was unrelated as the Flu Vaccine is not a live virus, so it is not possible to get the Flu from the injection as per information below.

    I am definitely having mine as last year I didn't and caught the Flu and was very ill indeed. Obviously it is down to personal choice but I would say if you are offered it think about it before saying No

    Hope you are getting on with the Gabapentin now? If not, like myself you may need Pregabalin instead.

    All the best


  • Hello Emma,

    I hope ur as well as possible.

    I wanted to reply to ur message. I was not saying that u get the flu from the flu jab but simply that it can create some of the symptoms.

    Thats all.



  • Hello Zoe,

    Sorry if you felt I was answering you directly with the first part, as administrator I feel I need to provide links to keep people informed with the most up to date information available. It was a link for all to read as it has much more information which may be handy to all members.

    I hope that people are able to make an informed decision that is best for them. But as i say I was very ill last year as I forgot and it does put you back somewhat with exercise tolerance.

    I hope this helps, as you get to know me being the group leader I am always trying to provide factual information and maybe on occasion it doesn't come across right ! Eek ...

    Hope the weather change hasn't affected you too much. As, I was bad after the storm. Anyone else?

    Best Wishes :)