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Hi, for the last God knows how many years I've been in and out of hospitals and doctors with my joints and pains, after being checked for basically everything my doctor thinks I have fibromyalgia. I was just wondering if anyone who has it suffers from needing to tense their muscles constantly (mainly legs), but also everywhere in their body. I have a constant uncomfortable feeling all over my body all the time is it normal for fibromyalgia and if so is there any treatment for it?

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Hi. I don't know if it's common but I constantly fidget as I tense and relax my muscles (mainly legs too). Being uncomfortable all over is on the mild end of the fibro scale, as it can feel like excruciating pain all over. If you mean more of a 'strange' uncomfortable feeling it could be down to any medications you've been prescribed.


No I feel pain in numerous places of my body most of the time but I can handle the pain (sort of), it's the constant tensing and releasing of my muscles and the horrible uncomfortable feeling everywhere that I can't handle its driving me crazy. I didn't know if anyone else suffered from it too, thank you!

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Hi ive recently been diagnosed myself i do often tense my muscles in legs also i just feel the need and im also never comfortable no matter whether im sitting standing lying cant win xx


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