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Pain in my feet getting worse

The pain in my feet is just like when I was a kid I stood out in the snow with nothing on my feet when the pain got to much to take I went in doors that really was painful but the pain went away after a few minutes, don't ask me why I done that lol But what I am saying is the pain in my feet is just like that pain

dose anyone else get this.

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Hi kedaco has you doctor sent you to see a physiotherapist or podiatrist as I have a condition called plantar fasiatus if that is correct spelling which is linked with fibromyalga.

And also carpel tunnel in hands which is also linked.


Hi, totally agree with you ! I've been saying for several years my heels feel like I've put them in a bowl of ice cool water, people don't understand how painful this is I was just given physio and told to wear inner soles with arch lift, these made my feet very sore and arthritis pain in knee and hip unbearable Physio just told me to wear them again but knee pain is so severe at moment without them I donk think they look at the whole picture if how fibro affects you I think wearing shoes with a really spongie wedge heel helped me a bit Try not to stand for too long and put your feet up when you can It does help, my thoughts are with you, you can't get away from it when it's your feet and so painful , take care Regards Sandra


Hi agin forgot to say I also have platar fasciitis, and went to podiatrist for physio, one of best exercises I was given was curl your toes up arching your foot as though you were screwing a piece of fabric up on the carpet with your feet This helps as the fibres that run under your foot are connected to your heel Hope this is a bit of help Regards Sandra


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