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Fibromyalgia or adhesion related disorder ?

Suffering for years with many symptoms -aches n pains ,migraines, constipation and IBS, dizziness, fainting , numbness, extreme hot sweats or freezing cold

I have had 3 laparoscopy' for removal of scar tissue which embedded my ovaries into bowel, Fallopian tubes had to be removed and lot of adheshions around sigmoid colon , I recently have seen bowel specialist for further tests due to constipation and severe abdominal pains/ diarrhoea also still under the gynae (plan for next step hormone injections to suppress ovaries )

I was diagnosed after seeing a rheumatologist last dec 2014 with fibromyalgia and possible raynauds , I am current still waiting for my appointments to come through for physio but no one has really explained all this to me ?

I have been in terrible pain for years now and all this has been a torrid distressing time for me and since my last op I have been nothin but I'll since constant flu symptoms . Swollen glands , regular pain in hands , arms n legs , fingers numb go white in colour /migraines / dizziness-blurred vision /nausea /vomitting / extreme hot sweats mostly at night totally wet through head to foot but freezing/ daily constant lower & upper back aches , pains / IBS /low depressive moods / extreme fatigue - tired muscles where cant walk /clumsiness or forgetting what I am saying /confusion /unable to pronounce words / disturbed sleep -wake up numb arms or legs with pins & needles , headaches in neck ?

Unexplained UTI's , etc etc Etc

I'm thinkin maybe now instead of chasing the impossible cure for adheshions these symptoms may now be due to my recently diagnosed fibromyalgia ??

Anyone got any symptoms or similar situation ?

I have been unable to work since

Last op in jan 2015 , I just couldn't cope any longer I am not getting sick pay because my absence record is high due to previous 3 operations for adhesions,

Apparently their is a very long waiting list for the different specialists for fibromyalgia so I have physio apt end of May , fibromyalgia specialist is at least 9 month wait n phycology dep wrote to me to say cannot accommodate my apt so that's been referred back to doctors ?

Just don't know which way to turn ?

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Hello Angel333,

Welcome to AFMCG :) You say you have fairly recently been diagnosed with Fibro possibly due to the ongoing stress from the problems associated with the Gynae issues you've experienced. Poor you as it sounds like you have been on a long road to get to here and gone through a lot of tests, operations etc to get to this point.It can be difficult at the start of the Fibro journey to find the right combined approach for you which may help reduce the symptoms a little. As we are all different it seems what works for one does not work for another.

I totally understand that lost feeling and wish the medical profession in some cases where a bit more proactive in their treatment of people living with Fibro, however some are maybe not as informed as they could be. I would say read up on Fibro, be informed and become an expert patient to try to direct your healthcare down the right pathway. Being a little more informed and I little more assertive about things may help a little, you don't need to seem like you know it all about Fibro as often this also gets a blank response but just enough to try to work the situation to your advantage.I would consider looking at factsheets from the Fibro Charities like FibroAtion, FMA UK, Fibromyalgia UK etc as these may help.

I totally understand the exasperation you may feel with it all living with Fibro myself for 8 years and remembering the 2 year diagnosis wait! & then being newly diagnosed, so if we can help a little as you go through this we will certainly try.

Wishing you well

Emma :)

AFMCG Founder