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I have had Fibromyalgia for 5 years the pain has got a little worse each year, but the Fatigue is really bad just of late sometimes I don't feel I can even stand for more that 5 minutes without leaning on something or siting down. and I believe it has something to do with the problems I am having with my stomach, been to my G.P. loads of times about the problem with my stomach but because my blood test are ok they don't seem interested. But the Fatigue is making me so depressed, anyone else have bad Fatigue and know what might help me please.

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My mum's Fatigue is awful like yours. She can fall asleep mid conversation. She also suffers from a hiatus hernia. Have the doctors ruled this out?


Hi there, yes I feel the same way. I do get pain and feel as though i go from being able to shuffling about but the fatigue is horrendous. On effected days I can't even get in the shower. It's like asking me to run a marathon. It's been a battle emotionally for me as I used to work ,go to the gym, two kids, immaculate house an garden to this. I learned all you can do is ride it out and hopefully it'll pass quickly..when I fight it, it makes it far worse. Good luck xx


Yes, I also have overwhelming fatigue. I had to give up my job as a teacher over 20 years ago. I have multiple health problems and I'm now at a very low ebb. One of the conditions I have been diagnosed with is Fibromyalgia.

I am currently trying a diet that has protein and vegetables at every meal, and cuts out gluten and processed food. (Lots of vegetables, 2 pieces of fruit a day, carbs, protein and healthy fats.)

I know it can be very hard to stick to a healthy diet when you are so fatigued. It takes energy to do it. I started yesterday, and hope to be able to stick with it.

I've also started taking vitamin supplements, but you do have to check that they don't interfere with any meds you may be taking.

I'm also doing some gentle exercise each day. There again I know it's hard to do when you've got no energy. I've also been depressed and very close to giving up, but have decided to give it my best shot. I wish you all the best.


Hi Hunny , I also suffer the same as you and yes I'm the same im so tired all the time,but ive changed my diet all healthy eating plenty chicken fish veg salads, plenty of fruit, I also gone down the route of herbal instead of tablets, I take magnizeum and vit d and the doctor has given me another vit can't remember what it's called,I get itratable legs really bad my skin burning, bad heads and pain pain pain, my hands hurt my feet can't walk far as soon as I'm on my feet my back kills me, my arms feel like lead weights, have panic attacks anxiety very irritable can't relax don't like socialising I get pariond and feel uncomfortable I give out a vibe and people judge me, and I'm a good person with a heart of gold, I hate feeling like this have have good days and bad more bad, but we have to except it and take the ruff with the smooth, im one of the lucky ones ive just got my p.i.p and that's took some pressure off, but asos is handing over to an American compsny that is going make it really hard to get disability, it's a discrace so don't no how I will get on in 3 years time as things chsnge so much, I'm going to a clinic next week for fatigue I'll let you no what they say big cuddle Hunny I feel all of your pain

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Thanks for all the replies, and Jaxi don't feel my pain you have enough of your own lol bless you.


Also very fatigued, today I couldn't even get awake until after 2nd! What can be done? I also have a lot of stomach troubles, hiatle hernia, and More recently diagnosed with gastroparesis, which means paralyzed stomach. It means your stomach does not Move food through like it should, I have found I do best with juicing, and low fiber, could be worth checking into


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