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Hi there, I would like to know if it's possible for fma to adversely affect the thyroid and throw up false results to a standard test?

I read this on line but my doctor, who freely admits she knows nothing about fma refuses to look at my food diary, she's also told me that a bmi of 41.7 and rising is not enough to even think about bariatric surgery. I have spinal injuries from an rta, arthritis in my elbows, hands, hips knees and an right ankle as well as fma. I have difficulty rotating my shoulder joints and find swimming difficult, walking is painful, never mind running and I can't afford a gym membership. I eat between 800 and 1300 cals a day, thyroid tested normal, I'm not diabetic and have the blood pressure of someone half my age. I don't know which is the worse thought, my doctor thinks I'm lying or my doctor cant be bothered to listen to me. Help please.

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