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Hi, Is anyone else looking at their future way of life with uncertainty. In the UK so many people are living full lives as if the pandemic is over. From what I’ve seen when walking into the nearby town and talking to friends via zoom and FB messenger no masks and mixing for meals and events is how they live. Meanwhile I wear my N95 mask for farmers’ markets outdoors and at my outdoor book group sitting with mask well back while my friends gather maskless round a small table sharing biscuits and coffee. Number here meanwhile are through the roof. Previously unheard of numbers and people with two vaccines including 3 of my very careful cousins who were very ill but not hospitalised. 2,000 children under 14 a day in Scotland, nearly a third of cases and some hospitalised. I feel I’m becoming more and more separated from life. I can’t risk catching it when double vaccinated over 60 are in hospital and are dying. I am 74 with AFib and other conditions. I feel it’s a case of society now happily returning to normal and if some are sacrificed and die on the way so what! But I do have a garden and a comfortable home. And plenty jigsaws to keep me happily occupied. At least there is this platform.

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Took the words right out of my mouth. I am severely immune suppressed and produced no antibodies after 2 vaccines. I am beginning to feel as though the world is now returning to ‘normal’ whilst I am not. I was much more active last year simply because of the restrictions everyone took a lot more care and cases were much lower.

Of course society needs to start re-living their lives but I dread this winter and think the consequences are not yet evident, let alone any plan to deal with them! We seem to have a split between those who live with abandonment and those who live like hermits and I’m striving to walk the line between.

The good news is that those in hospital are recovering and a lot quicker than the 1st or 2nd wave because of more knowledge and improved treatments.

I am a member of U3A who have now begun to meet indoors again, I won’t. As winter approaches I am now more concerned that I will dip into depression simply not only because of lack of social interaction but also because people in similar positions are now being excluded from society and others just don’t get it!

The danger here is living in fear so today I am going to a BBQ - full of flying Paramedics. Next week I am visiting my son, but only because he has an annexe where I can stay independently. I am concerned about travelling, driving not public transport but I’m going to take every precaution with my PP3 masks & gloves in public places and in and out of watering holes as quick as possible!

Without doubt COVID will bring back AF for us.

Stay well and safe but continue to live. Please feel free to PM me. CD.

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I was a member of my local U3A. When I first came here I knew no-one but quickly met quite a lot of people. I loved it. I trotted off to the meetings, liked visiting other people's houses, happily hopped on the buses to get to places. That lasted for over nine years but then towards the end of 2019 I fell out of love with it and left. Perhaps I just got bored and felt there were better ways of spending my time.

I might just go back to the photography group but it seems unlikely at the moment. Which groups do you belong to?

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CDreamer in reply to Physalis

At the moment a Computer Group, Bowls Group & Poetry Reading. There are still some Zoom groups as well as physical meetings & FB group & several open Zoom groups a month.

Everything that could continued on Zoom & kept a lot of people living on their own going through Lockdown. We had some amazing talks from people we could never have afforded had they had to travel here.

It’s a great way to keep mind & body going & meet friends.

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irene75359 in reply to CDreamer

Have you been invited to have a third jab? I received a text on Saturday.

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GrannyE in reply to irene75359

You are the first person i have heard of invited for a 3rd. Got my flue jab booked

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I was really surprised as the first I heard of it was when I got a text from my surgery.

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CDreamer in reply to irene75359

No I haven’t - booked the flu jab & spoke to my GP & asked to which the reply was we haven’t been given any info as to what or when & having organized it to be given with the flu jab & having to abandon those plans ewe are still awaiting information 🤷

I’ve heard of a few people in trials who had a few weeks ago & believe they were then rolling it out to a few hundred thousand of the extremely vulnerable ie: 80+ who had the 1st wave vaccines in Nov/Dec/Jan + those known to have not produced antibodies- which as you know I haven’t. People I know who have had 3 rd jab are based mainly around London & Midlands.

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I got the text on Saturday for Saturday, I was out for the day and didn't even see the message. I have just checked the practice website and there is a notice saying that the vulnerable and very elderly are now being vaccinated again and not to worry if the slot was missed, you will be notified again.

A year ago in July I slipped going downstairs and went down on my bottom. Result: hairline fracture of my right leg's fibula. Later result: foot drop of my right foot. After staying with my 3 cats at my sisters' 80 miles away, I returned home to an untidy house and garden a year later. I've been out for medical appointments, and that's it apart from putting waste / recycling in the wheelie bins. Food etc bought online and delivered.

Hopefully soon I will get a gardener to do the gardens so I and my cats can get out. I'm not depressed, just totally fed up.

My godson who normally lived with me before my fall was away when I fell. In the winter he caught Covid, fortunately while staying with a friend. He then ignored my pleas to get vaccinated but has found the hard way that you can get Covid more than once, and he tells me it was worse the 2nd time. He is again living away.

11 days ago, en route to the pharmacy I lost concentration for a split second and fell into the road. From nowhere came a group of teenagers who pulled me upright.

Fortunately my recent visit to the foot/leg specialist went well. It was three airy buses away, and I walked successfully for the 200 yards from and to the bus stop, always wearing a mask.

My AF has been permanent and asymptomatic for about six years. My Foot drop is 14 months old and far more debilitating, although in my house I walk without a stick, outside with one, and both in and out with a splint ( orthotic or brace) on my right leg during daytime.

One day hopefully we will see the back of the pandemic. Best wishes to all.

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The sad reality is that covid is always going to be with us so society needs to find a balance. In time I hope that humanity will become more resistant or it softens and becomes less dangerous.

In the meantime we all need to find our own comfort zone and that of course will be very personal. My own bete noir is people who wear masks wrongly with their noses hanging out or round their chin(s)!

Down here in the west country we have been lucky until this summer when all the grockles came down and spread it like wildfire but all we have done is avoid grockle central and carry on being vigilant.

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Gilli54 in reply to BobD

Grockles!! What a great word. My son lives in Newquay and 55000 extra people poured in to an already overfilled town. For Boardmasters. It was a complete nightmare. Nobody wearing masks and no social distancing. 🤦‍♀️

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BobDVolunteer in reply to Gilli54

4700 new cases of covid as a result to boot. South West ended up with the highest infection rate in UK.

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Gilli54 in reply to BobD


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Singwell in reply to BobD

Hear you on the mask front!!

I am from Serbia, and I must say that you, English, are such polite, gentle and sincere people, that you do not even dare to think about it, that your young people, protesting in the streets against this staged plandemic, are right, that the whole stage has been set just to make the profit on the vacc and, unfortunately, some more...

Us, in Serbia, have been cheated and manipulated so often in these past 30 years, that we do not trust nobody. In March 2020, more than a year ago, using the official data, I have calculated the death rate for Covid and it was only 0,75%, what I have reported in this Forum under a different name (baraba). Why is it, than, such a terrible disease? Common flu has the same death rate or so.

The media are playing the leading role in scaring the people and making them take the jab, which does not protect from getting ill, so IS NOT A JAB! I know that you do not trust me, but ask your younger ones, your children and grandchildren...

The thing is SteelHeart, young people like to think that they won't catch covid. My youngest daughter 48 still believes she wont, because she never gets anything and has worked in wards where Norovirus has been rife. My second daughter's two children have had covid recently but at separate times, her son 26, probably because he went with his mates to watch the football finals on a pub t.v. My granddaughter15, because her dad took her away and they stayed in hotels and went to view indoor exhibitions. A friends adult son spent 3 weeks in hospital and is still at home with long covid. Up until the last few months I knew of not one person who had caught covid and felt a bit like you do.

In the U.K. a lot more young people are getting covid now and we've had reports in the last few days of a 2 year old child dying. I believe we are one of the worst hit countries in Europe.

The polio and TB jabs were very successful, so why not the covid one?


Someone said: "It is easier to cheat the people, than to explain them that they have been cheated!" The game is obviously well prepared!

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secondtry in reply to SteelHeart

As I was concerned on triggering AF with the jab after 7 yrs remission, I have postponed going for it whilst being very careful not to pass anything onto others. Consequently, I have been following the alternatives avidly, various combinations of supplements & drugs, with Ivermectin probably being the leading one. What I have learned is I'm afraid not good. I don't trust the UK or USA governments, most mainstream media & Big Pharma.....instead I listen to highly skilled independent doctors around the world with nothing to gain financially and overtly humanitarian.

Hope to find time to listen to some of this later

I did not want to get vaccinated but finally succumbed because I have to go for a hip op and hospitals are just the sort of places where one is likely to catch covid especially with the extra transmissability of Delta. I know the jab will not protect me from catching it but might mitigate the severity of it as I am obese and have asthma . I have had no side effects really and only one afib attack since and that was at my now usual 8 week interval. I too am interested in alternatives . I have a very high vit D level and have used NAC for a few years. My last cold / flu was March 2016. I never get flu jabs now. I have added Quercetin and my daughter is bringing some Ivermectin that I ordered online in America. I have used this online pharmacy for 20 years for NDT ( forbidden here in France so I have to get the orders sent to UK ) so I know they are reliable. I am not at all convinced I have done the right thing getting vaccinated and I have no intention of getting a booster in 6 months time!

You seem to be doing all the right things, in particular continuing precautions post jab. I spoke to my London Naturopath last week and he said he is getting increasingly consulted by those that have been vaccinated...I guess because the majority in the UK have now had the jab. Well done on arranging the Ivermectin delivery, are you aware of the FLCCC protocol for dosages etc, easy list on their website? May I ask is your daughter coming over from the States to visit you in France with it? I am struggling to find a reliable source delivered UK.

No she's coming from UK. The online pharmacy is in the States. France does not allow delivery so I have always got the stuff sent to a family member or friends who are going to visit .

Polio and TB are not the same type of bug. Not all vaccines are equivalent. One jab of some vaccines will give you lifelong protection but others like flu are given every year. And the flu vaccine has a very poor level of efficacy. It looks like so far the covid vaccines are more in the flu category than the yellow fever category!

Sorry Steelheart, I disagree. There are too many well documented cases of anti-vaxxers, in many cases relatively young people, dying of Covid 19.

Sorry, Irene, whoever is able to understand, he understands himself, and who is not able to understand, there is no use telling him...

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dunestar in reply to SteelHeart

That goes for you as well.

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SteelHeart in reply to dunestar

That goes for all of us!

Flu most years has a much lower death rate than .75%. Only in years of really pernicious flus like 1957 and 1968 would the death rate be similar to that of covid. However nobody dreamt of shutting down society then. I fear that with the lockdowns we have sacrificed the well being of our young people to preserve the lives of the elderly. I am one of the elderly but I do not think this is right. Our generation was the probably the last to have a life substantially better than that of our parents. Young people have a worse world to look forward to in all ways - more air pollution , more precarious employment opportunities , worse health as a result of the ubiquitous chemical pollution of the environment, more extreme weather events. The measures taken by governments have also impacted far more on the poor than the well off. Those who can work from home at a computer have been privileged over those who keep society going by manning shops , factories and hospitals. Poor children have been the worst impacted of all. Small businesses have gone down but the large companies have coined it. I think it is normal that people who want to live their lives and who are fed up with the restrictions are behaving as they are. As for me I am being careful , still wearing my mask ( here it is still mandatory inside) .

This Covid pandemic is the largest fraud and largest disgrace of our species, of all times! Hiding behind "good intentions", evil side of the human race is trying to depopulate the planet and, so far, succeeded in their intentions. In Israel, most people with "Covid" are those ones who took two jabs, just look at the official data. I know that "normal person" is not able to grasp that the governments could do it to their own people, but they are. The only one who resisted offered money (900 million Dollars) is Lukashenko, in Belarus. I have already been warned earlier not to scaremonger the people, but I am only telling the truth. Some day, you will have to admit that it was so. Wishing you all the best! P.

I do not believe the pandemic is a "fraud" but I do believe the impact has been exaggerated by the media. For instance I believe they go out of their way to find younger victims and sometimes present them as having no comorbidities when one look at their photo shows you that they are obese. There are statistics assembled by governments that show that deaths of young people are very rare. I also do not think that any attempt at all has been made to inform the public of how they can improve their immune systems so as to protect themselves. This was essential in the period before the vaccines came available and is still so given the lack of efficacy against Delta. The biggest fraud was telling people that life would go back to normal once everybody was vaccinated.

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Singwell in reply to Auriculaire

Yes. We are not going back to normal!

I can relate to your post, well most of it. I do look at my future life with uncertainty like you. I am double jabbed, but there are a lot of people still getting covid and even dying from it despite being double jabbed. If I were to get covid I have nobody to look after me as I live alone.

Most of my social activities have not restarted, so I am getting more and more miserable and lonely. I last went out on Wednesday when I went to afternoon tea in a garden in memory of a neighbour who died. I was fine with that as it was outside. Since then I haven’t seen a soul or been out. I do not wear a mask in outdoor situations.

Maybe some of this is a loss of confidence as well, having been shut in for so long last year.

I certainly agree with you comment about society returning to normal even if it means sacrificing a few on the way.

If you want to chat PM me.


Hiya Peileen,

Well I view the future with optimism. But then in the course of my 77 years on this planet I have had many narrow escapes that one more isn't going to worry me. The most notable being seated on the hill watching the awesome aircraft flying display on 6/9/1952 when John Derry piloted his DH110 through the sound barrier and seconds later it blow up - to smithereens. Death toll, pilot and flight test observer and 31 spectators sitting on the hill. I remember the bits of aircraft and a big large shape coming hurtling towards us - the engine. That was it. My Dad threw himself over me and we rolled down the hill as the engine smashed into the spectators. As fate has it I was to later marry the daughter of a R.A.F. Hawker Hunter pilot who flew with the R.A.F. Black Arrows aerobatic squadron (111 Sqd.) and who flew in 1958, my next year back at Farnborough. The Black Arrows were the forerunner of todays Red Arrows. The difference being back in the day those guys flew combat aircraft, not purpose designed flying display aircraft. So, after that my slant on life is tainted by .... it is what it is !

Onto CoVid, I have driven buses on regular shifts from the beginning of CoVid being protected by face masks and a perspex screen in the cab seperating me from passengers. TBH, I never even considered getting CoVid. I took my own precautions before I left home ( Temp and Blood Oxy) and my employer did the same when I signed on for my shift.

On a social level I complied with all Government edicts and only recently has Mrs Carneuny and I started going out for meals.

My own personal view though is that it's unwise to challenge this 'thing' ..... it will never go away. It is to be respected, highly respected. But then, TBF, I have no underlying health conditions other than AF and a variety of tendon/ bone/ joint issues. I'm grateful that I am well enough to give something to the life of those less fortunate than I, drive them to their shops et al.


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BobDVolunteer in reply to carneuny

I never knew your back story John.

I lived not far from North Weald when 111 were first perfecting the 9 ship display . Two aircraft touched, one went stright into the runway and the other managed to limp round and land safely. My pal and I cycled over to find bits of Hunter spread all over the place with the nose cone up against the railway line across the road from the end of the runway. I picked an ejector seat warning triangle out of the hedge as a souvenir only to have it removed from my hot little hand by a passing policeman.

Later they looped 22 Hunters at Farnborough.

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carneuny in reply to BobD

G'day Bob,

Yep, and the one that limped around and landed safely was flown by Chrissy's Dad, Flt. Lt. Matthew Kemp, A.F.C.. Matt then went onto fly in the now famous 22 Hunter formation and was one of the Leaders Wingman probably known as Black 2 or Black 3 (Port or Starboard off the Leader) Chrissy has all her Dads Flight Log Books.

Aviation has figured in my life on and off. My cousin in Oz father was RAAF and Navigator during WW2 flying mainly night time bomber raids over German targets. Sadly after war ended he was killed at RAAF Amberley (outside Brisbane) in a flying accident. His aircraft was flying demobbed Aussie troops home, a trainee was at the controls, plane took off but not enough power on and it dropped out of the sky and all perished.

A very good friend of mine son in law flew in Red Arrows and pranged at Akotiri, Cyprus during training. The two aircraft flew head to head and their wings clipped, one went round and landed safely. The son in law ejected and got out alive and was eventually repatriated. He survived but never flew again. Sad.

Back in the day my Dad worked at Vickers ( Brooklands, Weybridge, Surrey) and worked on a range of their products, the V bomber- the Valiant, the Vickers Viscount, Vanguard, VC10 and the nose section of Concorde.

So this knowledge and other life experiences account in no small measure for my attitude to the future and viewing it with optimism and for as long as I can recall I have always been blessed with a positive attitude. In my management days in my 40's I was always the manager selected to lead 'special projects' because my seniors always knew I'd get the job done, no matter how difficult.

Have a good day Bob.


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BobDVolunteer in reply to carneuny

Knew the name but not the connection John. I agree that major events shape our attitude and as a survivor of cancer and cardiac arrest I accept that what will be will be even if I don't laugh every day as perhaps I should and it hasn't stopped me taking on too many other people's problems! It's all about balance and mine was never that good. lol

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Singwell in reply to carneuny

That's a story and a half - WOW. I like the pragmatic philosophy. Control the things we can, and try our best not to stress about those we can't. I agree COVID is respected.

I,too, am living much like you at the same age(74) here in the USA,,,and yes,,,people are living normally and maskless,,,running around in huge groups for football,dinners out, parties and just about all you could think of,,,normal life,,,,,yet I hesitate to throw caution to the wind as the case numbers are soaring and people continue to jam the hospital beds ,and reports of deaths and family left behind to cope are reported daily,,,it is very hard to sort out both sides and know what route is good for you,,,,I only wish to stay alive as long as possible and remain healthy ,,I am well aware that age 74 is already up there in time,,,I also have my dear spouse and wish us both to hang in together for as long as we can ,,,there’s nothing good ahead if only one of us survives,,,,I understand your concerns,,,,I’ve concluded we each have to choose the path we are comfortable with,,,and so,I will continue my new cautious life and learn to enjoy the small pleasures of a good book,,,a walk outside with my hubby and my puppy dog,,,,a phone call from my daughter who happens to live 3,000 m away etc,,,,,sending many good wishes across the pond to you and yours,,,be well!

Thank you all your varied replies. My concerns have been raised these past few weeks since the numbers in Scotland have risen well beyond those in the other parts of the UK and in particular children, 12,000 under 14s in the past 7 days and 69 under 18s admitted to hospital. These are in no way typical of previous weeks during Covid and have increased of course massively since the schools returned. Also worrying is the fact that although 100% of over 60s in Scotland have been double vaccinated hundreds daily are succumbing, ending in hospital and accounting for all except a small handful of deaths in the past month. I’ve probably said this earlier. As people seem to be living as if Covid is past despite some hospitals in Scotland being full and filling rapidly their cavalier behaviour is driving me ever more into shielding completely again. I am happy though and zoom around and FB message so I do see virtual people and somehow never seem to have much spare time. But for people without a garden it must be hard. Normally I’m out at book groups, coffee mornings, a writing group, history group, games afternoons at the library, gardening as well as shopping and meeting for a meal. I know what you mean by being overwhelmed by grockles BobD. I used to live in Weymouth and friends there tell me it has never been so busy. I did love it there and understand why. And Jeanjeannie50 you are right about the TB and polio jabs being a success. We were just lined up at school with no prior warning and given them and all to the good. I did have a tendency to faint and have to lie down after mine, about an hour later but nothing was ever said or done about that either. In the 1950s everybody just got on with it.

Let’s hope the rest of the UK doesn’t see what’s happening in Scotland repeated now all the schools are back. Keep safe everyone. You have to if you have AFib. AFib lives matter.

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irene75359 in reply to Peileen

Your account of being vaccinated at school resonated with me; I remember at infant school in Aberdeen queuing up to have my jab and afterwards, as I made my way back to the classroom, fainting on the stairs! I was on my own so after some time, I picked myself up and carried on, complete with big bump on my head. No one noticed!

Life certainly isn't normal for me at the moment as I am immune-suppressed but my family has made it as normal as possible for me. Lateral flow testing is the order of the day even with my young grandchildren before they come to see me. My daughters have outdoor heating and blankets ready in their gardens for outdoor entertaining so I have seen them as normal. I wouldn't sit inside in a pub or restaurant but our local has been wonderfully accommodating reserving a garden table for us which is also well away from other outdoor diners - long live our Indian summer. I won't go back when I can no longer sit outside.

My friend's son who is a mental health nurse has had to give up his job and move back in with his parents due to long covid after having it last March. We lost three neighbours to Covid and another who was double-vaccinated was quite ill but has recovered well. I don't make any comparison between Covid and 'flu (and I have had 'flu very badly) and personally would never have refused the vaccine. I just can't take the risk.

So yes, I too am not looking forward to this winter as the progress made during the summer will be lost in the cold months.

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Peileen in reply to irene75359

Like myself you personally know people affected by Covid. It does make you see it i a different light and it is far and a way more serious over all than the flu. I had an undiagnosed virus at the end of 1999. I was off work for six weeks weeks and went back to work too soon against the GP’s advice. The resulting post viral laid me low and after a struggle I had to give up my job and move to a one bedroom flat with no mortgage. Even yet the common cold takes me weeks to recover from. If long covid is in any way like my post viral weakness I feel so sorry for your friend’s son. I do hope he picks up soon. Part of the reason I mistakenly went back to work too soon was because reading Post Viral Weakness on my sick note it sounded so trivial. Far from it. Not quite ME but I remember lifting a box of tea bags from the cupboard once sent me reeling to sit down and finished me off for the day.

Best wishes and take care.

I too feel as if others are acting as if the pandemic has gone away and it certainly has not. I am seeing a few people and family and playing golf but am being cautious. I find some people stand too close to me and I try to edge away. I am not at all happy about people going to large gatherings of any kind unless outdoors and tested. Would not dream of going on public transport. You always have this forum. You could play bridge or other games online.

“We still meet the belief … that vaccination is a gigantic fraud deliberately perpetuated for the sake of gain … The opposition to vaccination … like many emotional reactions, is supported by a wealth of argument which the person reacting honestly believes to be the logical foundation of his behaviour.”

In 1927, an article in the venerable medical journal the Lancet commented on the opposition to smallpox vaccination in terms that have an eerie resonance today.

Extracted from the Guardian, where you can follow the link to that article.

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Singwell in reply to momist


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Peileen in reply to momist

Momist, thanks for that info. There were though fierce anti vaccine campaigns well before then. From Google - “The Vaccination Act of 1853 ordered mandatory vaccination for infants up to 3 months old, and the Act of 1867 extended this age requirement to 14 years, adding penalties for vaccine refusal. The laws were met with immediate resistance from citizens who demanded the right to control their bodies and those of their children.[3] The Anti Vaccination League and the Anti-Compulsory Vaccination League formed in response to the mandatory laws, and numerous anti-vaccination journals sprang up.[2] “

Thank goodness the vaccines went ahead. Imagine the world now without the protection of vaccines.

Know exactly how you feel. I am quite happy to continue wearing my mask and keeping my distance as much as possible. I have been mixing with close family members over the weekend but then will limit what I do and where I go and who I see for a couple of weeks just incase I may have caught anything or someone one there may have.

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Thank you to everyone who has offered their helpful advice. The Covid Vaccine is a topic of conversation and ultimately down to individual choice - May I remind everyone to be courteous in your replies and if you require any advice , please contact the A F Association or speak to your own doctor. Many thanks, Tracy

I hear you! I'm 65 and double vaccinated of course. Only recently have I been able to spend time indoors with anyone other than my.husband. Living in a small rural town I feel less at risk,. especially as the demographic I mix with are largely over 60. Apparently double masking is a good strategy as is spending no more than 20 mins at a time with groups if indoors We're going to a friend's 60th on Saturday and if I don't feel safe I will take steps to sit apart, by windows or doors and wear a mask when not eating

The gentleman from Serbia is correct. You all fell for the plandemic.

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