Happy Christmas everyone

Writing that now, because now less than 48 hours until I fly away to the sunshine in Vietnam for a few weeks and a bit, and not sure how often I will be on until then.

Just wanted to wish everyone an AF free and relaxing Christmas spent with people that you love, and with sufficient for your needs, what more do we really need?

I'm off now fully armed with my self tester and I have no doubt my INR will go haywire with the change in diet (and the times of taking warfarin) my INR clinic still is not in favour, but that's a battle I will fight on my return, and also in Mid Jan is the next appointment with my EP when I will find out the results of my halter test and also whether or not he is recommending a surgical ablation.

I am not going to even think about that until I am back from Vietnam.

Be well everyone


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  • Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year to you Ian and have a wonderful time away.


  • Merry Christmas and Happy New to you and yours, hope all your

    travel plans are problem free and your health likewise. Got to

    ask why Vietnam? Are you fullfilling an ambition, it wouldnt be

    most folks first choice of Christmas destination. Hope you dont

    mind just curious. Shirley.

  • Sunshine, cheap food, interesting and friendly people, a different culture, and loads of history. Sounds like 1st place to me. Alternatives for an Xmas humbug like me are probably Saudi Arabia, or maybe Pakistan, (the former no way, the latter maybe another year :) )

    I recognise I travel weird Shirley been doing it for years, I look for the unsual, this one is relatively "run of the mill"

    Be well


  • That sounds like proper travelling where you get off the beaten track and really get to know the locals! You'll be freed up with you Coaguchek and I don't think you'll find it that difficult to stay in range if you test every few days.

    I'd far rather be out there than here. But then my wife has got me a black Bah Humbug hat which I have to wear all of Christmas morning...

    Have a great time and tell us all about it when you get back.


  • Hi Ian

    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and New Year.Have a great holiday.

    Best Wishes


  • Have a great time Ian, best wishes, John

  • And to you also Ian. Thanks for all you support in 2014.

  • Merry Christmas bob and thanks for all your support x karen

  • Have a great time. Happy Christmas and here's to a good 2015 x

  • Thank you, Ian. Have a very interesting and Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for 2015.

    Enjoy your trip!!

  • Have a good journey and a great holiday Ian. Happy Christmas!

  • Merry Xmas and have a great holiday

  • Have a great Christmas and new year. I was going to visit Vietnam earlier this year but AF got in the way. On my bucket list!

  • Good man yourself Ian, I did a few months running around the pacific rim ( including Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines ) three years or so ago. My next plan was a run on the Trans - Siberian ending up in Japan and a cargo ship home but the sodding AF came calling! Still time I suppose if I can get on top of things.

    You'll have a great time I'm sure

    Happy Christmas

  • Thanks Kernow, did the Trans Siberian to Beijing via Mongolia, amazing experience, especially Baikal.

  • Thanks Kernow, did the Trans Siberian to Beijing via Mongolia, amazing experience, especially Baikal.

  • Have a great time Ian and best wishes for 2015.


  • Have a lovely Christmas and hope 2015 is a good year for you. Thank you and Bob for being there for all of us.

  • You've been a stalwart support through the year - have a great time while you're away ... and when you get back too!

  • Hi Ian, lovely to hear you're off to Vietnam shortly and look forward to hearing tales of your travels on your return. I hope you have a wonderful time over there meeting lots of interesting people and seeing some amazing places.

    All the best.


  • Dear Ian, have a great Christmas and hope you enjoy your trip to Vietnam, I went there a couple of years ago and I loved it, the people, food, culture and history - had an amazing time. Wishing you well.

  • Best wishes to you too, Ian, and hope you only have happy memories to add to your collection!

  • Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year Ian, and enjoy the trip, it sounds fab. And thank you (and BobD and Grandma) for all your hard work and support and help. I'm sure we all really appreciate it, I sure do...


  • Have a great Christmas & best wishes for the New Year Ian (our lovely Beancounter). We'll miss you while you're in Vietnam. Have fun and tell us the highlights of your holiday on your return.

  • Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy Healthy 2015 Ian. As others have said - Thank you for all your good advice and support. Don't know how I would have coped without this site. It's been a godsend! A Happy Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year

  • Nadolig Llawen Ian Have a good trip.

  • Merry Christmas, Ian! I hope you have a fabulous trip and feel great the entire time. My son is also heading to Viet Nam for some sunshine after Christmas. Safe journey to you! Best to your health 2015!

  • Happy Christmas Ian. Thank you so much for your support to us all this year. I'm new to AF and your words of wisdom have helped tremendously. Enjoy your holiday. Jenny

  • I'm well jel, would love to go to Vietnam, looks beautiful. Have a great time and a great Christmas.

  • Sounds very wise... as usual from you Ian. May you have as much peace as you seek for everyone else in this forum! enjoy!

  • Have a lovely time, sounds like a fab place to visit. all the best

  • Merry Christmas ian and have a great trip x karen

  • Have a wonderful Christmas, Ian. I'll be over in Vietnam and other places early in the New Year even with all my ailments!

  • I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. I also hope you stay well and af free. This site and the people in it has helped me so much. I was so afraid when I was told I have af but you all helped me to understand and calmed some of my fears. May God bless you all!

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