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Just to think not even 8 weeks ago I came out of hospitial, a bad Virus putting me in worst continuous Af I've had in 5 years, then on a drip for dehydration and feeling awful for weeks, felt scared, guilty and very low . How life changes though! ,now changed to less working in my busy garage /tuning shop, which I miss the hustle and bussle of customers and the hands on work on the dyno, but do enjoy still doing the social media work, and the tuning files via live link and my back seat management role, so I'm a lot more relaxed and a load less stressed. Like CD the coast is my magic pill, walking every other day 2/3km or biking 8/9km (battery hybrid assist when tired, best purchase ever ),in essence totally changed the work / life balanace while i wait for the ablation. Get some days like Friday the heat and maybe overdoing it, and feel Af creeping in and feel exhausted, so rest a day, take it easy Sunday, feel OK this morning and today its cooler here so walked 2.5km this morning, back on track. I feel better about life, more positive and calm. I'm sure il get some bad days, but hopefully the improved fitness and lifestyle will keep improving things as it seems to have so far, if nothing getting some nice chemicals into my brain making it feel less a drama . Putting it into perspective today as a good friend has just been diagnosed with cancer, now that is a scary thing , makes AF seem that little less daunting... On with life and take each day for what it is, life isn't so bad with AF I think once you accept it and deal with it best you can, get the ablation sorted and il be chasing a gold medal, or model πŸ˜‰

13 Replies

Great post, very inspiring, well done in turning things around.

Glad to hear things are looking up for you πŸ˜‰

Can I have some of the tonic water your on lol Glad you are feeling the way you do Me I have my first clinic appointment week Thursday Anxious about it

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Fresh air, bit gentle exercise! get some endorphins working Vonnie, works for me πŸ‘

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So can I borrow your endorphins for a few weeks please πŸ˜€

Fabulous post, thank you for lifting all our spirits :) Onwards and upwards, eh? X

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Thanks Jane, just sometimes nice to post when you feel good and not always just asking for help and feeling down, I done quite a bit of that lately with some great support on here , and just hoped sharing a bit light would make some in not such a good place feel a little easier with it, x

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Sounds like you are getting the work/life balance sorted out. I only build engines these days and let the boys do the cars..

What dyno do you use? I have to go elsewhere and find Schenk in one place and Heanan Froude in the other. The Schenk is an hour from me and the H and F five hours but I prefer the H and F even though it means an overnight stay. Seems to produce better numbers which the customers always prefer. Even those are a lot less than some engine builders claim but I always say that dynos seldom win races as they tend to be held down by large lumps of concrete. Lap times and torque is what matters.

Trying Bob, hard to let go and being a control freak it's sometimes a challenge. We use a Dynomet, same as Kleeman Mercedes, looked at a few but this is quite reliable even though it didn't have the dyno dynamics big name, we /me have re-engineered some of it and improved upon the original design as the guy was a bit of a nutty professor, right up my street! ,it measures pretty on the button and loves 4WD haldex stuff as it's belt driven to the rear section so good for our use . Got to agree with you there, I always tell people stay with the same dyno as some operators sway figures and don't seem to have any consistency and run some very "favourable figures" . At the end of the day, you have pre run hp and torque and then post run numbers , the bit in the middle the important part as I tell people! . My main role is software calibration in the business, the same as you the lads now take up the hard slog workshop wise I just man manage and sit with a laptop or in my office at home 3 screens and aircon, should of done this a while back, but the control freak in me wouldn't let go . Engine building is a Dying art form these days, I bet you are in demand, scarce up here in the North.

Is that like a yes I can lol

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Haha, if I could send serenity and peace I would hand it out in here in buckets, I hate seeing people worry and suffer, but we are all able to be positive and keep pushing the tide back, and confidence comes from within, and the life changes can't be done by anyone but ourselves πŸ‘

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Life can be like the tide as it comes in and goes out I guess One truly never knows if the tide has turned.

Thank you for the lovely positive post! There IS life after AF..and I agree ,saw it as a wake up call to myself.I am in a different mind set

we have to find was to deal with a chronic condition so that we have a quality of life,not just survive!

keep up the good work..Best wishes

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