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Natural remedies

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Looking to start taking a couple of natural remedies to try and help me threw the day

Do any of you take Apixiban along with turmeric and garlic tablets

Are they safe to mix



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Turmeric is a natural anti-coagulant and is best avoided by those of us taking AC's as it can increase the effectiveness of the drug. Garlic can boost the effect of anticoagulants and cause bleeding so should be used with care.

Many natural remedies do interact with prescription drugs and it's always best to check with you pharmacist before experimenting.

The reason people take anticoagulants like Apixaban is to slow down the blood clotting process. Both garlic and turmeric do the same thing, so there is a chance that you could have a serious bleed if taking all three.


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Andy-f in reply to jeanjeannie50

ARRRR!!!!Thought that, but wasn’t certain

Thanks for replying

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jeanjeannie50 in reply to Andy-f

I still use garlic when I cook some things, but I'm on Warfarin and have my own machine to check what my blood clotting level is. I can adjust my dose up and down to suit if needed.

I take Apixaban and use both Tumeric, garlic and many other herbs and spices and don’t believe there is an interaction IF you only use as foods.

I stay well clear of all supplements as you have no idea what they contain or in what quantity. Stick to fresh foods in moderate quantities. Used as foods the body recognises them as food. Used as supplements in high quantities and the body treats as pharmaceuticals and I believe that’s when you can get interactions and anticoagulation affect enhanced. Just my belief and experience.

They won’t cause bleeds but any substance with anticoagulation qualities may exacerbate a bleed, should you be unlucky enough to suffer one.

Interestingly - the only study I found was from a Nutritional study using Wafarin and they found no significant difference in INR levels between control and those taking I think it was Garlic?

Others on here disagree but all I can say is after using anticoagulation + garlic + fresh ginger + Tumeric on a daily basis - as foods for over 8 years now, I’ve had no problems.

If you are unsure the most informed people I found are usually qualified Herbalist or a really good or dual trained Pharmacist/Nutritionist.

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MarkS in reply to CDreamer

You wouldn't find a change in INR with warfarin as turmeric, garlic, etc. are antiplatelets rather than anticoagulants. So it's a bit like taking aspirin with your anticoagulant which is not recommended for normal AF. Having said that, you need a reasonable amount to have any antiplatelet effect, and the normal use of spices in cooking isn't going to have that effect.

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CDreamer in reply to MarkS

Exactly my point.

Any one else want to chip in with there views


Reading that is very informative and good to know

There’s always a deeper side to most questions


I agree with CD. I’m on Edoxaban and use garlic in cooking most days. Tumeric, ginger and many spice and herbs are a staple in my pantry. Would never take them as supplements.

Thanks for the reply’s Excuse the punn

Food for thought


I've been taking Turmeric capsules for years. Didn't stop me having a stroke though. I continue taking it now I'm on Apixaban. Also take garlic in food. No bleeding problems at all.

I started Edoxaban a similar anticoagulant to Epixaban and as a result stopped many beneficial supplements for my arthritis namely, garlic, turmeric, glucosamine, chondroitin, fish oil, and St John’s wort. It also means I can’t take anti inflammatories. I had postponed taking Edoxaban for years because of the ‘blood thinning’ properties of these beneficial supplements and pain relievers.

Cheers Ray what dosages do you take of the supplements

Even what we consider to be safe supplements need checking with GP or pharmacist first …..

I used to take turmeric every day but there are warnings about it with Apaxiban. I’m on that so I have stopped the turmeric.

Thanks a proper can of worms


I agree with CD and Seawalk. Currently I take Apixaban and have turmeric, garlic and ginger everyday in a food form NOT as a supplement.

It was recommended for me by my Functional Medicine doctor who is also a working GP. She researched carefully and used her experience to give me the recommendation.

All has been well so far (2years)


I have been on apixaban for some years and like many of the above I do use herbs in my cooking but I stay away from them in suppliment form. Enjoying good food is one of the Joys in life and herbs and spices add to that experience. Heaven only knows we need all the joy we can get! You have had splendid advice from our gang, hope it helps 🌻

Adalaide2020Thanks for the reply

Yes the gang comes good when needed

Experience is the way



I take Magnesium, Hawthorn Berry, Co-Q10, Vitamin C and D3, and Alaskan Fish Oil along with 2 1/2 Mgs of Eliquis. Research has suggested not to take Hawthorn with blood thinners but I have had no problems with low dose Eliquis. After going through Afib and a Cardioversion that returned me to Afib after 2 weeks, I am now back in Sinus Rhythm for two months due to taking these supplements. These supplements take 8-10 weeks to produce these benefits but they have worked for me. Unfortunately I do not know if one supplement did the trick or the combination. But 3 of them have anti-arrhythmia benefits. It was worth the wait for me!

My cardiologist advised that she wouldn’t prescribe Curcumin (turmeric) as a blood thinner so it doesn’t have enough of a blood thinning effect to worry about. I have taken it daily as a supplement in addition to xralto, and have not had any bleeding problems so far. And it really really helps with the arthritis in my hands.

I do crush a clove raw garlic every day and cover it with honey and swallow it down so hopefully that compares to cooking with it. Also take Hawthorn tincture/Co10/Taurine/magnesium for my heart and vitamin D daily and on a plant based diet. Am on 2.5mgs Eliquis twice daily.

I’m sure you would need industrial quantities to make any difference. Used in cooking, even large amounts, would make no discernible difference. Enjoy.

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