Rivaroxaban and 'natural' remedies

Help sought again please (hopefully soon I will be more a helper than a helpee on this site!)

Am just about to start taking the NOAC Rivoxabaran, and have stopped using Ibuprofen gel and tabs for my severe knee ligament pain as I know they are not compatible with anticoagulants. (I do know they are to be avoided with AF, but I have had to use something and they don't appear to have made the AF any worse than it was) Does anyone have any recommendations for natural remedies (or even any other drugs) that I can safely take with Rivoxabaran - I have tried glucosamine supplements and gel, and tiger balm but they dont help.

I also take Black Cohosh for menopausal symptom relief and Apple Cider Vinegar for 'everything else' (!) and cannot find any info about possible interactions with this NOAC. I can/will ask the pharmacist but they are closed till Tuesday and I really want to start taking it on Monday - I had surprisingly little resistance from my GP to being prescribed that rather than Warfarin, but it wasted an extra 2 weeks as he had to write (pigeon post, not email!) and receive back advice from my EP on how to start me on it.

Thanks in adavance.

Angie x

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  • Look up Bowen Technique and try to find a practitioner near you. Can be very effective for your knee problem.


  • Hi there - I have probs with arthritis and my doctor has given me Oruvail Gell (it has ketoprofen) in it and is safe with all the drugs that I take for AF. I guess it is similar to ibrofen gel, I have it on repeat prescript now, it does help a far bit. The only painkill I am allowed is Solpoldol (which is basically codine and parcetemal).

  • Hi Angie. As far as I know, the only herbal remedy that you can't take with rivaroxaban is St John's Wort. My pharmacist said it was OK to use the Ibuprofen gel because the absorption of the drug was minimal. I've used it - although not regularly and have suffered no ill -effects. I wish there was something more I could use for my back pain - paracetamol just doesn't do the job for me.

  • Magnesium malate helps with muscle pain. I also take Tylenol

  • I am on Rivaroxaban. No problem.

    Three weeks ago my GP said I would be ok with the gel , I use it very sparingly.

    Always something to worry about , isn't there.?

    Good luck. Bebe.

  • Thank you everyone for your replies. When I collected my first lot of Rivaroxaban from the pharmacy I asked specifically about Ibuprofen gel and the pharmacist said no! So I will check with my GP because I do find it helps. I will ask about the Oruvail Gel too. I do not get on with Tylenol, it makes me sick!

  • Pharmacists often have a better understanding and are more up to date re drugs and their interactions because that is their sole function.

  • My understanding was that Gel is absorbed into the bloodstream so is no different to the capsules and is contraindicated for AF as it is thought to be a trigger, rather than any reaction with medication, but it may interact as well and you are right to check with the pharmacist.

    Here in Spain all Ibuprofen is a prescription only drug. (The weather here guy's is just as mixed up as in UK, just about 5 degrees warmer!).

    I used to work for the company which originally developed this gel and when it was first released, it was only available on prescription. It was specifically developed for arthritis to reduce inflammation as well pain relief.

    The only remedy I had to stop (took Dabigatran) was Echinacea which does interact with anti coagulation I was told. I think it made them less effective?

    Spinal rehab and exercises helped me to stand and walk better and thereby drastically reduced knee pain, but I was lucky in that I did that before there was enough wear and tear to cause arthritis.

    Acupuncture or acupressure is excellent for pain relief.

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