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Can anyone suggest a natural remedy for my hay fever? It's driving me mad!


My hay fever is awful this year and I'm not even in hot and sunny England but much less hot and sunny Scotland! I don't want to aggravate my AF with antihistamines or interfere with my anticoagulant. Any ideas would be most welcome!


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I take cetirizine for my allergies and it doesn't affect my AF at all. It doesn't interact with warfarin or apixaban or rivaroxaban. Im sorry but I don't know of any natural remedies for hay fever. It can be very debilitating I know. If it's just your eyes or your nose then you could just treat those symptoms only with eye drops or nasal spray.

Hello there from the South on the sunny Isle of Wight!

I have complained to my GP about, not so much hay fever, but SOME sort of allergy. Not so much a runny nose, but it tends to drip without warning (most embarassing)........and some days my left eye just overflows and runs down my cheek. I got fed up constantly putting vaseline round my nose and dabbing at my eye. This has been going on for ages now, winter or summer!!

He prescribed Cetirizine. I take half a 10mg tab per day and it seems to keep it under control. Yes, it's a prescribed anti-histamine but it doesn't seem to affect my PAF, or my INR results.....thank goodness! Its such a relief!

I understand you would prefer a natural remedy but they can interfere with things too!

ectopic1 in reply to Wightbaby

I don't have hay fever, but my nose was drip drip drip like that all afternoon yesterday. It had me wondering whether Hismanal is available over the counter, but I see it's been withdrawn on safety grounds because it causes arrhythmia!

Commiserations over the hay fever! Used to drive me mad too, but happily I no longer seem to suffer much. I don't know of any natural remedy, but maybe a pharmacist could advise on one which would not affect your AF or interfere with medications?

Hi Hayfever seems pretty bad this year! Our season up here in Cumbria seemed to begin in May! I take Cetirizine and normally manage to control it,but this year as I have Asthma also I'm relying on Inhalers as well!

Not been as bad as this for forty years!

BobDVolunteer in reply to Annekw

Lucky you. Down yere in Devon it started in March! I take loratadine which is an alternative to cetirizine but neither affect INR, anticoagulants or AF to my knowledge. In fact since any inflammation can increase AF then it must surely help?

Hi Judie, in France a pharmacist recommended Humex nose spray which was very effective for me, but I don't know if it's available in the UK. Here, I have used Beconase which is very similar. I don't take Warfarin, so I don't know if they would effect INR......hope you find some relief soon, John

Thank you for all your suggestions! I may try cetirizine as a few of you have mentioned it and there seems to be no adverse effects. It would certainly be nice to get a bit of relief from the sneezing, itchy eyes and running nose! Haven't I just painted a lovely picture of myself?! 😂


Hay Fever | Rhinitis

I have had this for years , did get years of relief with a course of steroid injections but they wore off after 15yrs( 2 inj. no more after that)

I also take cetirizine 10mg at night (500 Tabs cost £8 )

Fexofenadine also works well but side effects are noticeable.( hyper )

Tried a lot of nasal sprays but they all eventually give nose bleeds

Natural remedies are "suck it and see" /mild tiger balm if tolerated helps the nose but if its the eyes antihistamines are the go.

I don't know much about AF, but I use Roman chamomile essential oil to relieve my hayfever symptoms. It works really well, I put a small amount on the top of my shirt and on my hanky and so breathe it in regularly and it calms my system. I've been using it for 15 years or more. Don't get it on your skin as it's a strong substance.

You could try Sterimar- a saline solution made from natural seawater. They have several products, one of which is for allergies. I wouldn’t say that this is a cure, but something which might improve things.

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