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Natural remedies for A Fib


I have been reading about natural remedies for A Fib and have decided to try some of them. I am currently taking a variety of low-dose, whole-food, phytochemical supplements that are all derived from organic plant materials. I am also thinking of seeing a chiropractor as I have heard that they can manipulate nerves in your spine that could have contributed to the irregular beating of your heart. Am also thinking of seeing an acupuncturist. I have read testimonials from some folks that were able to totally eliminate their a fib using these methods. Has anyone here heard of this or know someone who has cured their A Fib using these methods?

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I take magnesium and Hawthorne. These def help me I have doubts personally tat a chiropractic would help but every body is v unique. Good luck.


There is no doubt that life style and diet can play a part in controlling AF and many people find that they can reduce their AF burden in this way. There is a growing suspicion amongst some specialists that AF, rather than being a condition in its own right, is a symptom of a greater problem. Still very early days in the understanding of the problem so good luck to you. Possibly add Bowen to your list of treatments?

Fantastic and very brave, keep it up. I would see an experienced high profile Naturopath and also try a few Qigong exercises - the one I do strengthens the neck and stomach muscles and may reduce pressure on the vagal nerve.

Acupuncture by a skilled communicative cardiologist

Sorry the link did not work it is a short video on acupuncture and will be on his York cardiology website.

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