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Coming off anticoagulant ready for ablation


I’m having an ablation next Friday. I haven’t been told to come off my anticoagulant. Have many of you stayed on it during ablation?

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You must stay on anticoagulants for the ablation.


maria68 in reply to pottypete1

Thank you pottypete1. I have read somewhere that some had been told to stop taking them for a day. Thatswhy I asked.

They will tell you at the pre op what to stop and what to take.

I stopped mine just the night before.

maria68 in reply to LordGabriel

That’s the trouble my pre op is on the morning of the ablation because mine has been forward to next week rather than 3 weeks ahead.

Thank you

LordGabriel in reply to maria68

Probably best to ask for an earlier pre op then!

Desanthony in reply to maria68

Have they not sent you any information or have they just contacted you by phone? When I heard about mine a few weeks ago by phon from appointments dept I was not told anything so contacted the nurses - they said I would have to come off the evening before. However, when the literature arrived by post it said to stay on and even take as normal on the morning of the procedure. I think different Docs do different things so it is best to call your Doc's secretary and ask her.


These days ablations are done whilst patient still anticoagulated. They used to stop five days before and bridge with heparin but noted that some micro embolii were being formed during ablation so anticoags retained now. I take warfarin and my INR had to be between 2 and 3.for mine last year.

Thank you BobD

My ablation on 10 July they were most insistent I stayed on my anticoagulant ( apixoban)

You need to discuss all medication queries with your medical team.

It is highly recommended now to remain on anticoagulants to help prevent long term problems. I remained on them throughout my ablation and I would be very concerned if asked to do otherwise. If you are on warfarin your INR will probably need to be between 2-3.


I had an ablation for flutter 11 days ago. I was told that it was very important to stay on my anticoagulant Rivaroxaban before and after the procedure.

Hope it is a success for you.

I am on Warfarin.

I have had 7 ablations and on each occasion they told me that I had to have an INR between 2 & 3 for 4 weeks prior to the procedure.

They checked my INR on arrival at the hospital before anything was started.


Haven’t they given you a list as to what to do?


maria68 in reply to Morzine

No! That’s the trouble. I’m trying to contact somebody. It was all upset because thy have brought the procedure forward.

Do you know how many hours you have to have ‘nil by mouth’ ?

Morzine in reply to maria68

Oh dear that’s awful for you.

I was nil by mouth from ten the night before.

But I can’t remember what tablets I stopped.


maria68 in reply to Morzine

Thank you, that’s very helpful.

I had an ablation at Barts in August, was told to omit rivaroxaban the day before.

Hi yes I have had two procedures and stayed on my anti coagulants

But check with your consultant

maria68 in reply to bobpitt

Thank you all. At last I have heard from my EP consultant

Morzine in reply to maria68

Oh that’s good what a worry it’s been for you!

Aftee cardioversion, I had to stay on Rivarixaban for a month afterwards before stopping them. I also have an eye problem so the thinners were making that worse. But I definitwly had to stay on them after the procedure for my heart, in case any clota formed during the aftermath. Good that you are actually having the procedure!

Also, as a ps, my cardiologist rang me and took me off the blood thinners. I didn't just decide: very important to have any meds change vetoed by your consultant!

Hi the answer to your question is, no I did not leave off my apixaban

It was my second ablation and after 4 weeks all is ok

Best of luck


Hi Maria. Having my ablation next Thursday and I was told to omit it only on the morning of the ablation. Good luck and hugs x

maria68 in reply to Equish

And good luck to you !

I spoke to my cardiologist last Friday as a post cardioversion follow up and was taken off my Apixaban as I had burst blood vessel a few weeks ago and he thinks my bleed risk is higher than my stroke risk at the moment. He did say, however, that I must be back on them at least 3 weeks prior to the ablation soon will be given at least 3 weeks notice of the appointment. Good luck with yours.

I was only put on A/C FOR my ablation

Went on 25 days before, came off after the post ablation review 3 months later

I stopped on all the meds during the ablation , flecainide and Bisoprolol

They had me stop mine the night before the procedure. They use heparin during the procedure and don't want the addition medicine present. I started again the next day.

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