2nd ablation coming ........scared

Well, if I had any doubts about getting my 2nd ablation scheduled sooner rather than later, they were cleared up today. The afib came out of nowhere...my pulse was 139 .....was so scared and upset. It then it jumped back to 66 after terrorizing me for 2 hours. Results came back from last months monitor confirming what I had guessed.......lots of extra beats and afib. I'm afraid of 2nd ablation....I really am. Always said I would do it but now that it's staring me in the face I'm dreading it. I cannot take medications as they make me very sick. Was hoping it would get easier.......trying to schedule it as quickly as I can.....

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  • Know how you feel had almost conviced myself the cpap had AF in control bang out of the blue the AF strikes again hr went from 49bpm to 140 it's been like that for over 24hrs feel totally wiped out so ablation looks like a go

  • Are you out of it now? When are you getting ablation? Is it first or repeat?

  • No still in AF have a cryoblation sept 28th first one also a bit scared

  • You know Mazda the ablation itself was not bad, for me it was the medication they had me on preparing for it and then after. But the procedure itself was nothing I remember except for waking up after it with bad sore throat from the GA and them compressing the artery where the insertions went. Not looking forward to all that again but if it can help fix this heart of mine ........yes. I may end up going in before you......waiting to hear from them Monday. 😳

  • Just home from cv 7 back in NSR

  • Good!!! Hoping it will hold for you !

  • It can be helpful when this happens because you know, in spite of the risks, that an ablation will be seizing a chance to improve a situation that is not just not getting better on its own but is deteriorating. It can be a downward path and in the dilemma choosing between ablation and medication it's becoming ablation versus ever more and stronger medication.

    How big are the risks? Well, we know they are there but they are small. Many of the risks are that something may go wrong that can be sorted out. You are in the right place for immediate and prompt treatment and you have someone whose job is to monitor you constantly, looking after you and watching for the first sign of trouble. You might not be going home right away but you can recover well and quite quickly. It's really only the risk that something life changing might happen that is really scary.

    Every day plenty of people get up in the morning not knowing their lives will be changed that day. We live quite complacently with this possibility all the time.

  • Thank you rellim I'm trying to focus on hat and you are so right.......the drugs have so many risks and side effects and not an option for me. So there it is. It is what it is. Thankful ablation is an option even with my fear.

  • Hi Eliza - Its perfectly normal to feel a little apprehensive before an ablation. I was when I had my third four weeks ago. It's just natural to feel that way so don't beat yourself up about it. Perhaps try to concentrate more on the positive side - you know you could end up being cured.

    Best wishes


  • Jean...is that possible? A cure? How are you feeling? Are you on any heart medications now? Did they put you on anything right after the ablation? Thank you for your support.

  • Right after my third ablation my EP said I only needed to take warfarin from then on and that evening I felt really alive, but the next day before I could leave hospital my heart started racing. I ended up staying in for another night and going back on Flecainide.

    Just over a week ago (last Friday) I went back to the hospital and had a cardioversion and my heart checked for abnormal pulses. I still have atrial flutter, so was put on to Sotalol tablets. The cardioversion lasted until the evening of the following day. I feel fine in the mornings, but after lunch find I can't do too much or a I get soreness in my chest. I think the Sotalol may be causing acid in my stomach, so have started taking Lansoprazole to see if that will help and my Sotalol mid meals. My last ablation was meant to be for Aflutter, but it was discovered I still had Afib too. Perhaps another ablation up ahead for the Aflutter.


  • Will you be staying on the flecinide? I could not stay on it because it made me so sick and the soya lol was awful. At least you can tolerate them. Hoping you don't have to stay on them long. You seem to be able to take the ablations in stride jean.....calmly.....send me some of that will you?

  • Right get ready, cos the calm is coming your way right now! Wham! Hope you received it ok.


  • Am off the flecainide and now trying sotalol.

  • I totally relate to the 24 hours wiped out feeling when an episode of AF occurs.

    It is very understandable to be apprehensive when you know you are to have another ablation. I have my 5th ablation planned for 16th August. I have had the date for nearly 3 months and it seems like it has been on my mind every waking moment.

    I think it is slightly worse when you have been through it before as you know what to expect.

    For me sedation was ineffective on the third occasion so last time and this next time General Anaesthetic is the order of the day.

    Try not to worry, the statistics the we have read are world statistics. I asked my Consultant about the risks. He said yes there are risks but at my hospital they have not had any serious complications in the many years they have been carrying out ablations. They are very professional and take it all very seriously.

    I recognise there are risks but I probably have a greater chance of an accident on the journey to the hospital than serious consequences.

    This doesn't stop me worrying but does help me to try and relax as much as is possible in the circumstances.

    Try and stay positive and remember that the aim of the doctors is to make you better not worse.

    Good luck

  • Thanks Pete. I was wondering about the statistics and what you say is comforting about them being worldwide statistics not where I'm going and who is doing mine. It is on my mind so much and working on breathing and staying present but it LOOMS there! Wow 5 times.....yes, I will also be getting general anesthesia as I did last time. Makes the throat sore but rather be out. It is so helpful to hear from you all that have been through it with encouraging words.

  • It is totally normal to have worries about your forthcoming procedure Eliza even though we know it is quit illogical. You can't go on without it and you survived the first so why the fear. If it is because of all the risks they tell you about then remember that this is just so your relatives can't sue them if the one in a whatever chance happened. In all my years involved here I know of no deaths from ablation and very very few complications.

    Try to relax and look forward to the day after when hopefully things will be much better an your quality of life restored.


  • Thank you bob. I will reread your post many times.

  • I know exactly how you are feeling as its a week since my 2nd ablation. I was more scared than the 1st time but managed to get through it with the knowledge in my head that I had little choice but to go ahead. I am so glad I did, it's over and done before you know it. Try to focus on the positives as it gives you another chance of being AF free. Best wishes, hope you feel better soon.


  • Thanks Brenda you are so right! Do they have you on medication now after the second? I'm a bit concerned too that they will want me back on medication for a while after the procedure.

  • Yes I am still on diltiazem 60mg, ferosimide(water tablets) omeprozole and losartan for my BP which I have taken for years and of course Apixaban. So I still rattle! 😉

  • Hi Eliza - well, I know you are as bad as I am for worrying, so how about about letting me do the worrying for you! I'll sit here biting my nails and you have a lovely cup of tea (or whatever calms you down), and think about all those things you know make you feel good. You can do the same for me when the time comes.

    Love from your 'pen-pal'


  • Pat you are so sweet. Thank you!

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