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Had ablation in jan , and had to stop my tablets after 8weeks . On 2nd day of stopping flecinide bisoprolol pradaxa , just to walk upstairs my heart was going like I'd just been running , but not in af . Was told to carry on with Meds until I see ep next week , is it right just to stop Meds or should I wean off them . Ep said my ablation looked successful . Grateful for any advice thankyou

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  • Hi duckpopper, I cannot give you any advice as such, but I had my ablation 25th Feb 2014 and then had four weeks on my normal AF meds ( Bisoprolol ) and after seeing my EP he reduced my bisoprolol by half for one week and then it was stopped. So five weeks after ablation no more beta blockers. I have been well since and no events. Touch wood. Pleased your procedure was successful and do hope you keep well.

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  • It takes three months for things to settle down in there so don't panic. I'm not sure why you are coming off the anticoagulant which may or may not be a good idea. I took a while to come off my drugs by dropping half a tablet every week or so but my EP was in despair of me. LOL


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  • I had my dose of flecainide reduced (300mg per day to 200 per day) immediately after ablation but have to wait 3 months for any further alterations and expect reduction rather than elimination.

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  • After my first ablation I stopped Flecainide after 4 weeks, in retrospect it was far too soon as 2 days later I had started with really bad episodes and ended up in cardiac care. After 2nd ablation I am staying on Flecainide 50mg x 2 daily & 1.25mg Bisoprolol + Pradaxa for 3 months and the anticoagulant probably for life as it was discovered that I have some unusual anatomy during the ablation so even without the AF I may be susceptible to stroke.

  • I was taken off all drugs except warfarin on the day after my ablation. I had many episodes of arrhythmia but has settled down. I am now 5 months post ablation and fingers crossed all is quiet. I will need anti coagulation for life.

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