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Virtual Patient Day - today


Did anyone attend? I registered & paid my £10 but didn’t receive an acknowledgement not promised email with code? Is it just me or have I missed something?

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Hi Susie I had to email on the last hour and finally got my code do you want the email address that I sent requested the code?

CDreamer in reply to Padayn01

Thanks, that would be helpful

Padayn01 in reply to CDreamer

I got mine yesterday after emailing Trudie Lobban. Only managed to watch a little bit so far.


Hi CDreamer. Like the others, I realised last night that I did not have any joining instructions for the Virtual Patients Day launching today so

I sent an email reply to the email I had received confirming my registration. Trudie emailed me the necessary info so I did make a start today. There seems to be a lot to look at depending on your interests but it is gong to be available to us for a year so no need to rush through it all. As far as I could tell, there was no advantage to starting today particularly unless I missed something.

Thanks guys - but that’s not really good enough is it?

I’ll be on the case tomorrow.

Jalia in reply to CDreamer

I had to ask for mine !

Having been involved in setting up virtual meetings earlier in the pandemic, it is quite an ordeal and from the little I’ve seen so far, this one must have been a mammoth task to organise. One of the presentations was introduced by Rachel and she left the AF Association about a month ago so clearly they have been working on it for some time. I received my joining instructions last Friday in an email from Trudie so it might be worth checking “junk” or “spam” mailboxes just in case it got mis-directed. As others have said, they will be available for 12 months so to me, it seems to be incredible value for a tenner!

There appears to be an opportunity to ask questions, but I’m not sure how that works after the event. It will be interesting to see what others say but from the little I have seen so far, there will be lots of useful information for everyone with AF and associated conditions to digest and benefit from so well done to everyone involved .......

CDreamer in reply to FlapJack

Done that - not in spam or junk & as I’m not the only one who did not receive a link I think it is poor admin & not exactly complimentary to the doctors & specialists who so freely offer their services.

I’m sorry FJ - there are plenty of systems which enable this type of operation. As you know, I am a long time supporter of the tremendous work the Arrhythmia Alliance do but there is no good excuses for this type of systems failure. Disgusted!

FlapJack in reply to CDreamer

Seems a bit harsh CD, but we are all entitled to our own opinions. As I understand it, the Association is made up of a very small group of people who are struggling to stay afloat currently with little or no funding or government support. At the same time, they are trying their best to continue to provide support to their members and of course, it is easy to be critical from the comfort of our own homes with no real knowledge of what is involved. We will be lucky if they manage to survive this pandemic, maybe at this difficult time, we should be more supportive than critical, just a personal view.........

BeckyGee’s recent post indicates some of the difficulties they experienced,

CDreamer in reply to FlapJack

Harsh no, critically honest yes but you don’t learn from when you get it right, you do learn from feedback when things go wrong and getting something so simple wrong will put off a lot of people - and their money - which by the way I also had problems with in giving.

Actually I do know quite a bit about working on minute budgets and setting up on-line events and setting up organisations and systems and my follow-up comment would be that if Surrey AF Association can get it right for their Virtual Meetings - ie: send out a code on time which seems to rely on one person - Rosie - then there is really no excuse.

Get it right and you get word of mouth referrals which is worth far more than any advertising but that applies also in reverse when things go wrong.

FlapJack in reply to CDreamer

As I said, we are all entitled to our own opinions.....enjoy your day, John

I did enquire but as I am too deaf to hear i enquired if they had captioning - but they didnot.

FlapJack in reply to cali111

I think technically that would be very difficult cali111 as it probably would need access to recording studios and specialised equipment.......

I got my code on 25th, but didn't get chance to login yet.

I received my email with my password on Friday. I have only listened to two talks so far. As it’s available for a year thought it was good not to get information overload so will dip in and out. There certainly seems to be a lot of info and from what I gathered more will be added throughout the year.

I had to email for my code and logged in yesterday. Have watched a few presentations and so far, the £10 spent was well worth it especially as we have access to them all for 12 months. Hope you get it sorted.

I’m really sorry to hear your experience CDreamer

I received my email in my junk on Saturday night despite it being dated Friday pm

I enjoyed what I saw yesterday and found it really interesting. It has all been recorded but was, I thought, very well done so that at times I felt I was part of a real discussion

Some of it hasn’t been put on yet and you may have seen some of the videos before but as a newbie I thought it was great

Stick with it! When you get on you won’t actually have missed anything!

Best wishes

CDreamer in reply to Marjoram27

I am sure the information is fantastic, having attended several Patient Days they have all been very well run and I couldn’t praise them highly enough and in each of these cases the email confirmations all arrived promptly. When watching recordings you do not have the ability to ask questions, which is for me, a part of the engaging in the process.

It may seem a minor slip up and we may have a full year to watch all the videos but still doesn’t explain the delay in receiving an ‘automated’ email with the code and having to email to ask for it.

And yes it is good value and maybe therein lies the problem?


I got my email, with log in details etc, on Friday, into my ‘in’ box.

I don’t know if when people paid their £10 and signed up made any difference or not, but I paid mine as soon as the virtual event was announced.

Maybe they had a flux of late assignees and the system couldn’t cope! Only a thought!

I did listen to Trudie’s welcoming speech, but decided as I have 12 months, to leave it at that and listen to others ‘as and when’.

I apologise if this has already been suggested as I have not read all the other replies, yet.

Avril x


Hello, I am sorry to hear that you experienced an issue with your login details. Please email me on the address below should you require any

help? Thank you.

CDreamer in reply to TracyAdmin

And the email address? All I would like is the code having registered.

TracyAdminAdministrator in reply to CDreamer

Please email us with your email address and full name and we will forward your code to you as soon as possible. Please use the email address on our website Once again, my apologies for any inconvenience caused to you.

I got an email with a link, I’m needing to watch the recording.

Yes, I had to mail Trudie for the code but quick reply and a year to watch.

Am I too late to pay and get a code?

Physalis in reply to Physalis

No, I'm not. I've signed up and paid!

Same as me.

I've listened to a few presentations that were reasonably informative. I decided to ask a couple of questions which were in the format of an email to one of the organisers. No feedback yet so I guess they are just getting organised.

Received my code last Friday. Have watched three presentations so far and found them to be really informative and clear. Have never been able to attend in person to Patients Day before so, for me, its been great to be able to attend virtually and watch at my leisure.

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