Last day for Christmas Shopping today :-D

I have my second pulmonary vein ablation tomorrow afternoon so have got Christmas sorted early, for once! I don't know if I will be frustrated not doing much or glowing because I can leave them all to it :-)

Anyhow, feeling apprehensive as I'm sure anybody would. I think I am more nervous this time than when I had my first one for some reason? I had my pre op last week when was told, again that I also had atrial flutter which could have been 'hiding' behind the AF for a while. The 2 things will be sorted apparently in one hit. I am being sedated again, not having a GA.

I am going into the Liverpool Heart and Chest hospital again where I feel very comfortable. Lovely staff, well looked after and excellent advice and treatment. I am really looking forward to my long lost friend NSR to come home for Christmas.

Wish me luck chaps, I will let you know how things go. Keep well x

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  • Good luck Froggy, from what I understand, the flutter is relatively easier to deal with during an ablation, so I am sure they will sort you out.

    Wishing the very best for you


  • I had my 1st 4 weeks ago and all went fine and feeling good now. As you have already had one you know what to expect but i am sure still apprehensive. However, i am sure it will all be fine - so here's wishing you the very best of luck - for tomorrow and the days and weeks ahead.


  • Good luck and I do admire you for being so well organised! Teresa

  • Good luck for tomorrow do let us know how you get on,

    every good wish for Christmas!

  • Good luck and yes the flutter is easy as it is in the right side so no worry about going through the wall.


  • Good luck Froggy. Glad you've got Christmas sorted! Let us know as soon as you can how it all goes tomorrow. Will be thinking of you.


  • Good luck Froggy. I'd go for the 'glowing and leave them all to it', what a great time to have to sit back and takes things easy! It is now 6 weeks since mine and still feel so much better.

    Hope all goes well.


  • Good luck Froggy. Hope yours goes just like my two, both not any problem at all, one GA and one just sedated. I was fascinated watching them do it, amazing.

  • Hi Bob

    I must have been akward as my flutter was not corrected on the right side, they had to do both I think, I was a bit out of it when they told me.


  • Thank you everyone x. All went well according to the experts so hope it stays well. Feel like I have been kicked by a mule and bitten a few times in various places but the old ticker is beating normally. Had a couple of flutters which only lasted seconds so can't complain.

    Can't wait to get up and about but will behave and rest! Hope all is well with everybody else x Joan

  • So pleased to hear that all went well. Now make sure that you take it easy for the next few weeks. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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