Definately a bad hair day today!

Well, today is the first day that the whole A.F. thing has well and truly got under my skin! I don't know why, after 15 years, I have let something get to me . I guess it was the final straw.

I was walking up to the pick up point for a village trip to some gardens when my eyes started sending strange messages to my brain and I couldn't focus properly. Now I know that high doses of flecanide can cause visual side effects and I am on 300 mg a day so I should have remembered this but oh no I decided I probably had a brain Tumour or maybe had done irreparable damage to my eyes so I didn't go on the trip and instead I spent the whole day getting checked out by the doctor and optician. The end opinion is that my eyes are fine, nothing going on behind them and I can either reduce my dose and risk A.F. breakthrough or just put up with it and have regular checks. I will probably do the latter. The moral of this story is to act as soon as you can as if I had I would have had my mind put at rest last week and would have been on my trip today. Roll on ablation.

It is funny how little things get to me. Today I really felt like crying and I don't cry easily as my Husband can't cope!

Great to have this forum as I know you will all understand. There's no need for answers to this I feel better having let off some steam. Thank you all for being there.x

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  • Typing on my iPhone so this'll be short. I've had the eye thing as we'll, thought May be ocular migraine don't know. Hope you get your ablation soon and get off the drugs, keep your chin up Koll

  • Thanks Kill (my tablet won't let me type your real name!) I feel better already.x

  • hope you have recovered- think when it's scary it can be the final straw- glad you've got it sorted out- actually better to have done this- trip will still be there next time

    take care


  • You are right.x

  • I think your hair looks lovely. :-) courage camille! You've been there for us! Take very good care.

  • Hi Deodottie

    Agree with Iris, you are always here for us as well, it's a mutual support network of course so take this.


    Be well


  • Big hugs from me too and I do understand. Don't be afraid to have the odd weep though as it can do you good. OK so I'm a big ugly man but I had a weep this evening over a really soft story I read. O K it's probably the hormone implants at work 95% female me these days but I really did feel better afterwards.and realised that I had been keeping a lot of things inside me (family death , worry over the trip up country to the funeral etc) We all need to sometimes. Fight it and it will fight you.


  • The sorrow which has no vent in tears may make other organs weep. ~Henry Maudsley


    Tears are the safety valve of the heart when too much pressure is laid on it. ~Albert Smith

    Safe journey up country, and take care of the heart!

  • These quotes are so apt and we should all pay heed. Thank you Iris x

  • I can most certainly understand this Dediottie - good to get it out rather than leave it in. Was just speaking to Our phone Company in Australia, where everything is now automated and I had overpaid them for some reason?, (doesn't happen very often if at all). I was told its better left to the next bill where it would be credited as the computer will do this automatically anyway. We had a great talk after that; talking about robots taking over everything, he also said it wouldn't be long before robots turned down our blankets (terrible thought really if you are hospital) I did suggest we should have a punching bag next to the robot so we could let out our frustration, he agreed but also suggested we would need to get the punching bag to say ouch! bit of trivia - hope you get another trip soon.

  • Big Thank You to you all. I felt the hugs and humour. Bob, 95% female sounds good to me! Iris, how are you after your last ablation?

    I am much better now. X

  • I hope you are feeling better!

    I have panics like you had today. I think we feel alone and isolated when we have AF or when we don't know when it can strike.... And it is good to cry!! I have done lots while in recovery mode from this last ablation two weeks ago just dwelling on everything heart related!!! Hope you sleep well tonight knowing you have checked out your eyes!!

  • Glad you are feeling better now. Even though so many people have AF I think we feel very alone and when things like your blurred vision happen we always think the worse. Take care and rebook your trip.

  • Ditto to everything else everyone has said. Sending you hugs xxxx

  • Cyber hugs coming your way xx

  • You are all fab people.x

  • Since I have been on Bisoprolol (nearly 2 years) I find have been unable to cry, no matter how sad I feel. I know that beta blockers are supposed to help keep you calm but this doesn't seem normal to me. Technically it isn't "dry eye" but physically the years won't come. That's not the way I was before. Anyone else experienced this?

  • Hi dedeottie, you are such an inspiration to all of us so to let us know how you are feeling is good. I am sending Angel blessings and big hugs.


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