Impatient patient

Impatient patient

Hi everyone, when I last posted, about a week ago, I was waiting to go to Antrim hospital for a trans oesophageal echo, in which a camera is swallowed which then focuses on the heart valves. This was scheduled for last Thursday and although I was apprehensive, I was keen to get it over with as a step closer to solving the mystery of my increasingly serious heart failure, and the source of the bacteria causing my sepsis.

On Wednesday evening a vomiting and diarrhoea outbreak enveloped our ward and we were quarantined, no one in, no one out, so therefore no trip to Antrim. I escaped the dreaded lurgy but nevertheless was deemed to be "unclean".

Quelle disappointment!

To date I haven't had a new date for my test, so here I am, three weeks after admission, having watched every episode of Catastrophe, 24 Hours in A&E, and a particularly brutal documentary called "Sepsis. How it killed my father". I've eaten every form of carbohydrate known to man, usually two or three examples on the one plate, met all forms of human life as they pass through the ward, and gained several new best friends as I see more of the nursing, cleaning and domestic staff than I do of my family.

Today, while in the depths of despair that I would never see home again, my husband hit on a cunning plan and talked me into going into the hospital grounds for my first fresh air in weeks, and there I found my beloved Hamish, my wee Westie. So all smiles again until the next setback. (The last one was husband starching my pjs. Didn't even think starch was a thing anymore.)

Cheers everyone!

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  • Oh Portnahapple I do understand. Sadly my wife couldn't sneak herxxx our cat (notice how careful I was with that) into my ward when I was in hospital recently. Your prose is so descriptive and a true likeness of life on a ward for sure. I send you best wishes for some progress very soon.


  • Well you really paint a picture, very descriptive and full of humor. Sorry you have been in hospital for so long but seemingly you sound as though you have resisted becoming institutionalised.

    Hope things work out for you quickly now. Can't imagine the feeling of starched pjs. Where on earth did he find starch these days bless him. Your little dog is so cute bet he was a real tonic along with hubby too of course.

    Best wishes keep positive. X

  • I do hope you can get the test done soon and plan your escape!! Good that you are getting on well despite the difficulties!1

  • Your missive reminds me of one I sent my daughter in law last summer as I was in hospital recovering from a nasty accident that broke my hip, booze or trodden on cats were involved. However, well meaning was dying to visit.I was less than keen as sleep was at a premium....pesky doctors bothering me all the time and other peoples visitors were even worse.I found the email yesterday as I was clearing out junk and as I read it wondered as to why I was so 'unkind' to her. Well, not really.It was a case of self preservation and I used every device to keep all but dear husband at bay.Why would want to travel 100 miles to see me anyway?Glad you got to see Hamish and good luck with the photographic session next week. I had one of those once and worried no end about it.....quite unnecesarily as it turned out.

  • Oh Portnahapp1e your update made me LOL. You are so funny and amazing to keep your humour in such a difficult time. Are you in RVH at the moment? Maybe locals like Finvola and I could pop up and give you some face to face AFA support lol!! Today sounds so special seeing your beautiful Hamish. What a thoughtful husband you have. Sending you lots of good wishes and positive thoughts and prayers that you will get your Toe soon and be on the road to recovery. My friend had a couple of transplants and ended up with a lengthy admission due to infection. She said one of the things that she used to lie and dream about was her favourite home cooked meal when she would finally be home. Stay strong. You are amazing.

  • Cheers Port-na-happy!! Hope you don't mind the name change as I think it suits you at the moment.

    What a pain, as if hospital isn't bad enough - good that you escaped the decision of which way to turn (pardon crudeness) and I hope they can reschedule your TOE as soon as possible.

    Isn't there just something about a beloved pet's face that makes things better? Hamish is a dote and it's so nice that you could see him and he you.

    Your husband sounds like an entrepreneur - using starch, wow.

    Very best wishes for better times ahead and home soon. xx

  • Good to hear from you - and a wonderful description of hospital life and indeed the cheering programmes on TV as well. You have to laugh ...... Thank you not only for updating us but also for sharing your experiences and entertaining us so vividly. What a treat to have a bit of time with your Westie.

  • Oh Portnahapp1e, you have the very wonderful gift of being a 'tonic' to the rest of us, while you're the one in hospital... Thank you so much for another entertaining post :) Gorgeous Westie too!

    Really sorry to hear of your setbacks though - norovirus lockdown, you couldn't make it up... Hope and pray you get diagnosed and sorted safely and soon. And hooome.

    Which reminds me, any news on the dining table??


  • In spite of all your tribulations your great sense of humour is truly remarkable. And your husband got it just right - whatever else is going on, don't four-legged furry friends make the world a better place? Wishing you all the very best, please keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on.

  • Sorry you're unwell, hope things improve soon.

    What a delightful picture of your darling little dog , l'm not surprised that he cheered you up!

    Take care


  • Hi, still laughing though I do feel sorry. Your comment about the cleaning staff reminded me of my stay in hospital when I was deemed unclean and given a room of my own. The cleaning staff used to start chatting as soon as they walked through the door and keep going until they left!

    I look forward to more episodes of Carry on up the Cardiac Ward but hope for your sake the film does not overrun!

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