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Anyone know if CBD oil or creams be taken with Warfarin. I doubt it myself but i will ask my doctor. I just wondered if it works ?

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Hi, when I take CBD oil it makes my INR go up. I self test so if I were to take it regularly, which I don't, I would have to cut my Warfarin dosage or eat more kale. There is Hemp CBD and Pot CBD. I have tried both and for sleeping I think the more expensive Pot CBD oil is better. If you have a couple of pot dispensaries nearby go in and ask a few questions about what you are trying to treat and what they recommend. Then talk to your Dr. I suggest test then start taking the oil or what ever then retest in 3 days and go on from there.

If you are in a drug testing program at work check to see if there is residual THC in your Pot CBD oil if you are thinking of getting it, you might test positive for THC.

Good luck.

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benmaise in reply to jwsonoma

Thank you jwsonoma. I have a lot of pain in my knee and I thought it might help. Also for general aches and pains and tiredness.

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I use CBD cream and I’m on Coumadin, no problem. It really helps my foot problems.

Best person to ask is your pharmacist. I was lucky in that my pharmacist knew another pharmacist about 6 miles away who had studied CBD and was a mine of information. I was taking it for back and neck pain but found it didn't help me at all. It was good talking to someone who knew so much and started me on a lower dose etc.

You definitely need to ask a doctor about that because it can have a different effect on you and someone else taking Warfarin. I use CBD to cope with anxiety and stress, and I always ask my doctor about any side effects and its usage with other medications, especially when I started using joyorganics.com/products/or... as it was new to me.

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