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A Short Story - Escape to the Planet Ayef


A fantasy story for those with AF and living in isolation

Written by JeanJeannie 25/3/2020

Escape to the Planet Ayef

The world was in turmoil, it had been several months since the virus outbreak had started and caused worldwide panic. More and more people were suffering each day.

Then early one sunny morning, quite unexpectedly, people awoke to the sight of something more than strange, if not a little sinister, large domed and circular space crafts were dotted around the world. Absolutely no one had witnessed, or even heard their coming. They sat quietly and by mid morning, on the day of their appearance, armed soldiers were guarding their perimeters.

It must have been 2pm before the first contact was made. People watching their tv's suddenly saw their screens change, colours became more vivid and then suddenly a man appeared. He looked about 40, was slim and had a calm, peaceful vibrancy about his person that no one quite understood. His hair was long and tied back and he wore a simple kaftan.

“Earth friends, we come in peace and aim to help you recover from the predicament you find yourselves in. Unfortunately, you have lost your way on this earth and veered greatly from the basic rules of caring for your beautiful planet. I am sorry to say that your greed and uncaring nature has brought this about. While half of the richest people in your world struggled not to eat too much and grow fat, the other half starved and lived in extreme poverty and you gave little thought to them – if any thought at all. You continued to destroy large areas of wild forests and the beautiful rolling countryside, with no thought but for your own profit. Plastic and other waste now litters and pollutes your seas and land. I have to tell you that nature intends to take drastic action and eliminate every one of you from this world before you destroy it completely.

There is no need to fear us, we come only to help and if you will listen we can save your planet and everyone that lives here. The cure is simple, you must begin caring about other people, more than you do about yourselves and gathering possessions. You must discard all electrical gadgets that work through airwaves and start communicating, with people face to face in a loving and kind way. You must adopt a simpler style of living and please, please remember that all that is needed in life is healthy food, pure clean water and air, shelter, warmth and the love and caring of all the worlds people. Remember too that you are one race – the human race! You have it in your power to stop this virus, but unless you adapt to simpler living you will not survive.

We are here to help those on this planet that are of our descent, we placed you here two centuries ago to try to show these people the right way of living. You have tried your best and failed, now we need to take you home.

All those who have a heart that beats at what earthlings call an abnormal rate are our people, though of course they have never known this. They are the only ones who can live on our planet as our atmosphere is very different to yours. I ask all you people with this condition to report to your nearest spacecraft, you need bring no possessions, they are not valued in our world and you will be provided with a simple kaftan on entry to the craft. Do not bring any medication as you will not need it with us, the air on our planet is pure. You are going home friends, home to our beautiful planet Ayef”.

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Such a great read, you are a fantastic storyteller. Thank you for brightening my day.

Stay safe

Jackie xx

in reply to Jay10

Thank you Jackie, hope you are keeping well?

in reply to jeanjeannie50

I am keeping well at present, staying in apart from getting food and having a walk. Getting some gardening done so the sun is welcome.

You keep safe and in a few months we will have all done our spring cleaning and read all the books we have bought over the years and not opened them!

Best wishes xx

Brilliant I just loved that you are so talented I feel special now

Aaw, thank you - whisper we AF people are special!


Good story Jean.

in reply to BobD

Thank you Bob. Hope you have this beautiful sunny weather?

Wow Jean - that's lovely.

Paul x

Thank you Paul. Hope you are keeping well?

Liked your idea so much! Give us another one!

Thank you Baraba. How are things in Serbia? Is the coronavirus taking hold there as it is here? We've all been advised to stay home at the moment.

May write some more another time, not sure. Nothing like a bit of fantasy to lift the spirits!

Thanks for your reply, Jeannie! Also, thanks for inquiring!

Everything seems to be under control here - the old ones are held imprisoned and are trying to die of something else and not of corona-virus, lol. The waters are clearing up, little by little, and we hope for better days to come soon, without the help of aliens, lol! Hope to remember the year 2020 not by corona-virus, but by something more positive... Let's see what the future brings!

All the best!


Absolutely love it Jean. What a fantastic story and message, and I love the way you sneaked those kaftans in 😂

Perhaps you should be writing a whole novel ... I’ll buy it 😊

Thank you Hilly.

I thought of you when I wrote about the Kaftans, can't wait to wear mine in the summer.

I’m sitting on the swing seat in our south-facing garden wearing ... guess what! 😊

That's brilliant Jean, so well written, and I was enthralled whilst reading it.

Hope that was just the introduction........ :)

Much Love


Thank you Mariah.

I may write about the Utopian world of Ayef. If others would like to do it, that would be interesting and if we had lots of different versions we could decide which one we'd like to live in most.

Is this the "Pilot" of the series (not the spaceship Pilot)😁.......is this the new 100 shades of grey.........?? - very good.☺

in reply to john6

Could be! I'd like to describe a very different world to ours.

Thank you.

Lovely message Jean. It would be nice to think we could learn how to look after each other when this dangerous period passes. 🙏🏻

Hi Phyllis

It's such a shame how uncaring and selfish this world has become. There are lots of words promoting good intentions, but very few actions to follow. It would be so lovely if this period of uncertainty were to draw us all together.

U clearly got too much time on your hands......read it later....😂😅😂😅😂😅👍

I knew it! And that explains why it is often hereditary. And why I have always liked kaftans too.

Yep, the secret is out!!

Back from doing my wife’s bidding in the garden so it’s feet up, a cup of decaf and a great story, full of inspirational thoughts to read. A truly talented young lady........👍

Thank you Flapjack.

A nice read, first thing in the morning. Thanks Jean. Wouldn't it be great if it were based on a true story?

It certainly would. I think of how the world of Ayef could be - a place where people care about, share what they have, and look after each other. Where everyone feels totally supported and loved.

But....but.... what about the ruby red slippers and “There’s no place like home”?

Look if you're going to moan and want earth comforts, you'd better stay here and try and make this world a better place . Lol. x

Ok! I hope it’s not too late to comfort the earth. Oh dear! What have we done? It’s such a beautiful place....and I’ve met some pretty fantastic people here.😊

Don't forget we people with heart arrhythmia's will be cured once we get to the planet Ayef. That's really our home and the air there suits the way our hearts beat and we'll have normal hearts and lots of energy again.

Honestly I'd come along, everyone from here will be there and who will understand your AF if you're the only one here with it?

(Said from a character’s view in the story)

“ I don’t deserve such a beautiful planet as Planet Ayef. Somehow, my struggles here have become my strength.” Yet, I find my heart wildly beating as I run-flee-sprint hurriedly toward the awaiting spacecraft. I will be saved.

Love it!

Wow! What a fantastic story. It was the first thing I read when I got up this morning for my morning meditation.

At first I thought you had hit the gin ..... like when I have woken up to remember that after a big night out I thought I was so ‘on it and suddenly enlightened that I’d reply to some business emails .... and re-read them in the morning with utter horror and instantly jumping into AF !

But NO, what you have written is brilliant and puts into a story what many of us ( ageing hippies) are thinking about this global pandemic which has caused such horror and death yet has returned clear water and fish to the rivers in Venice,

It’s re-focussed us on community and helping neighbours. It’s reminded of the love and concern our children feel for us .

It given us enough time at home to catch-up with our silent stress of the jobs we never manage to have time for.... and now have the peace of mind of cleared cupboards... and crying with laughter at the funny emails going around from old friends we like but haven’t had time to communicate with.

Jeannie- you are a star ! Thank-you for your posting.... it was so on the money !

I don’t have so much hair to grow but am on my way to the attic to look out my old kaftan I wore when hitch-hiking to India to see the Beatles and getting stuck without a lift in sunny Yugoslavia happily singing ’The Long and Winding Road‘.

I am also joyous to not have had a PAF episode for over 3 months since I accepted the advice on this blog that ’sugar’ (and alcohol) were bad bed-fellows and major culprits !

Thank-you all ....

Wow, that's great that you've had 3 months AF free, I hope everyone reads your reply and notes why.

Regarding the kaftan, it was a little joke between us on here a year or so ago. I wrote a post about how bras and waistbands were so uncomfortable and tight and asked if they could be causing our AF. We jokingly said we'd set up a commune and all wear just kaftans.

Glad you enjoyed the story.

I like it - a great way to start the day - thank you :)

Glad you enjoyed the short story. It gives us a little nudge as to where we are perhaps going wrong in life.

I absolutely agree. I hope the rest of the world will take notice of how much cleaner the air is now after such a short respite from normal pollution - some of the damage to our world could be reversed!

Wonderful makes me feel special xx

Yep, we people with AF are the chosen people here and what a fantasy that we could live in a more beautiful, unspoilt and natural world because of our odd heartbeats.

I enjoyed reading that - a thought provoking start to the day. My ablation which was due in May will most definitely be delayed, oh to be able to go somewhere where my heart rate would be deemed 'normal' all of the time.

Oh how annoying re your possible ablation delay, but you never know it could still go ahead. They have a special room that contains the large monitoring equipment they use for the procedure, not sure if that could be used for anything virus related, but who knows.

Glad you enjoyed the story.

I won't give up hope until they tell me no! If it is postponed, at least I'll still keep my place on the waiting list.

What a beautiful story 😢

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.

Jeanjeannie50, I havent checked in for a few days but this morning I have just read your story. It has warmed my heart and brought a tear - lovely story - you are very talented.

Aah thank you, glad you enjoyed it. I love this world and there is still so much beauty around us. I'm fortunate to live near the sea and in a small fishing town, so am quite tucked away from the rest of the country. Love my life and appreciate my good fortune.

Looking at your name I'm thinking perhaps you live in Jersey, UK, another very beautiful place?

No jeanjeannie50, I'm in Dorset. The name came about when my husband was sent to work in New Jersey back in 2006 - only for a year but it was one of the happiest of our lives. I kinda like the ring it has to it and it confuses people!

Please may I join your commune? I missed wearing Kaftans in the 70s because I liked two tone suits and brogues. My Mum always said that I should have been a "hippy" because of my nature. As I can't get out to shop I may see if I can get one "on line"

Brilliant story and thank you for some peace at this troubled time.

Yes, you're in with our commune Becks. My lovely friend Hilly has put me on to these kaftans and we love them:


Glad you enjoyed the story.

I’m ready to go....got my kaftan on......

Thanks jeanjeanie you’ve made me smile.....


That's what we need more smiles - and comfortable kaftans of course. All aboard!!

Oh yeah ones that hide the bumps! Think this isolation we eat more.....😫

How lovely Jean - and many of us on here are of the same generation, the halcyon days of kaftans, flowers and beads! Thank you for this.

I'm just glad some people were able to enjoy it, not the sort of thing we usually see on this forum, but it's nice to have a little fantasy to take us away from thinking about the coronavirus and having to stay at home.

Loved it .You have humour and very talented .Will send this to some friends ,who need to know .Thanks jeanjeannie for brightening my day

You're welcome, glad you enjoyed it.

Can I come and not wear a Kaftan? What will we do when we get there? Nice story😀

What would you feel comfortable wearing? They wear Kaftans because they don't restrict any part of the body and so it functions more naturally.

I cant begin to tell you how wonderful it is there, but that's another story.

Love it, Thank you. stay safe and well.

Thank you Jean, I loved it.

Do you think you could design a range of kaftans whilst we are in isolation?

There's a good range here which my AF friend Hilly and I have bought from:


Don't worry though as they'll have a vast selection on the planet Ayef.

Talented lady. 👏

Loved it

Hi Jeanjaeani50,

love your story, it encapsulates al that is going on right now.

Loved it. So clever, thankyou (More please!) xx

Great story Jean, loved it x

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