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Heart Rhythm Week 2014

Heart Rhythm Week 2014

We have launched our countdown to sister charity Arrhythmia Alliance's Heart Rhythm Week (2-8 June 2014), and we are calling upon all of our close supporters to just take one minute of their time to add their voice.

We are using 'Thunderclap' to help increase awareness and understanding of 'arrhythmias'. With your help we will make sure hundreds of thousands of people learn more on Monday 2nd June!

Thunderclap is a new platform that allows people to pledge a Tweet or Facebook message that is sent out on one particular day; for us, this will be 08:30 on 2nd June. It is completely safe and will post one identical message:

"Working to save 100,000 lives from SCA and improve the management and care of 2 million people diagnosed with arrhythmias"

To join in it really just takes five seconds of your time – here are the simple steps to help:

1.Click on this link

2.Choose to support via Facebook or Twitter or both

3.Add your name

That's it - done! Our message will show on your Facebook or Twitter page at 08:30 on 2 June 2014, and you will be joining with the hundreds of thousands of supporters to make sure 2014 gives the loudest call to improving awareness, understanding and outcomes for everyone living with an arrhythmia.

Please visit the Heart Rhythm Week website for more information on how you can get involved during the week or to share your story #HeartRhythmWeek

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Hi all,

Is anyone else on the forum doing anything to help with Heart Rhythm Week this year? I run a Post Office in Gloucestershire and my plan is that I and my staff will be decked out in AA or AFA t-shirts for the whole week, and will be giving out literature supplied by Arrhythmia Alliance to any interested customers. I've been doing this each year since having a Sudden Cardiac Arrest in March 2010. The first year we raised enough money to get a defibrillator for the village. I have developed AF in the past couple of years, hence the AFA shirts this time.


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Brilliant idea Cyril, where do we find the t shirts? Anna


Hi Anna,

I’ve cut and pasted this from the Arrhythmia Alliance website. “To receive news about how you can get involved in Heart Rhythm Week 2014, please email or call +44 (0)1789 520 311.”

I’m sure Andrew will be able to help you if you contact him. He seems to be co-ordinating events for Arrhythmia Alliance, Atrial Fibrillation Society and Stars. He will be able to send you a pack containing posters, hand-outs for those interested, a collecting tin, perhaps a few balloons and maybe a couple of T-shirts if you ask nicely. I was given 2 AFA shirts this time but have already got a number of Arrhythmia Alliance ones anyway – so plenty to go round! Get on to him first thing Tuesday (I assume he will be back at work then) as HRW starts the Monday after.

Do you have a shop so that you can give things out to customers, or do you have something else in mind? If the weather is nice I may even set up a table outside so that I can pass on information in a more leisurely way, separate from the shop environment.



Hi AFAssociation1

I'm very happy to support this, I use fb and twitter a fair bit and would like to share the message with friends and followers.

One small point to note though - I can't help feeling that your suggested Thunderclap message is too vague. It doesn't mention AFA or Heart Rhythm Week, nor give a link for others to click to find out more. I can't help thinking that the power of using Thunderclap is somewhat diluted by not giving a better explanation in the message... And not using the hashtag that you've come up with yourself, #heartrhythmweek. Even something like 'Im supporting AFA & Heart Rhythm Week, working to help (insert useful stat) in UK from arrhythmias', plus a shortened link to the campaign homepage plus hashtag... Certainly my friends and followers wouldn't know what CSA is & it seems a missed opportunity not to provide them with access to more info.

Hope that doesn't sound negative, hope it helps :)


Hi. I want to support this but will wait a few days in case the message changes as a result of the suggestion. I must admit I also think it could be more informative in some way but a brilliant idea and if the message doesn't change I will support it anyway.


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