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Holiday insurance with AF

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Does anybody know of an insurance company that will insure you if you have AF? I am going to Italy for a month soon and have been quoted by my bank account insurance an extra £450 that I have to pay because of having AF and being on anti coagulants. I have had paroxysmal AF for many years, at first only brought on by vomiting. I didn’t know it was AF until about 10 years ago when I was sick all night and fainting and went to A& E where they discovered that I was in AF and at some time in the past that I had had a mini stroke. I am on Apixaban now and my AF is largely asymptomatic and my heart rate doesn’t go very fast, it is only irregular. AF doesn’t really affect my life at all apart from when I am sick. Can anybody suggest an insurance company that doesn’t charge the earth? I am not flying but going by car.

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Go on to one of the holiday insurance search websites, like Compare the Market and put all your honest details in. I have AF and doing a search and telling all got me a quote of something like £40-50, there were lots of others around that price too. I told every nitpicking thing I had.


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Thank you jeanjeannie, I will look into that tomorrow.

This link to an AFA webpage might help....

I think it may be All Clear that were the cheapest for insurance.

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Ok thank you very much.

We went with "good to go" on a trip to France.

This year its Scotland and the Post Office gave us a good deal

Try Insurance Choice, they will check various companies for you. I’ve used them for the last 7 years, had open heart surgery in 2012, had AF, Flutter and ablation in last 3 years and have found them to be very reasonable.

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Thank you very much.

Allclear, I just insured for a trip to Portugal, excellent cover and very reasonable at £59 for the top cover.

I've had holiday insurance with staysure and also Allclear the latter being the only insurance company who would cover me while I was on a waiting list for an ablation so am sure you would get cover through them .I always ring them and speak to an advisor and go from the thread to the needle to make sure I'm covered for everything .

Liverpool and Victoria gave us great rates..ok we have pur car insurancrs with them too,but firctwo weekscin Sicily...£48..fir me,bettervthen travel company

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LV= would not cover me because they must have thought I was a big risk. Actually, I can do hiking alone with no real problems and swim in the sea, but some companies will not cover me for these activities irrespective of any medical conditions!

The best insurance I found was post office it was way cheaper than the others and it also covered all pre existing conditions for both me and my husband - some insurance companies don’t do this.

I always went to an insurance broker who would supply me with the best deal and never had trouble obtaining insurance albeit more expensive that normal because I wanted it to cover getting me back home in any eventuality lol. The Broker will do the searching for you and come up with the best deal on your behalf .


I got insurance to go to Italy for a few days last summer through Saga which, to my surprise, was very reasonable, but it was only for a few days so might not work for a month. I have also recently read an article in the 'i' newspaper about the difficulties of getting insurance when you have a major health condition and a company highly recommended there was called Insurance With - might be worth a try:

Good luck!

Staysure does it

Also make sure you tell them all the tiny details as a few years back I had a claim but they wouldn’t pay, in the end I went to the ombudsman as it was a big claim for flights to NZ.....I won got my claim plus interest, but they really ducked and dived over my shoulder injury because they saud I hadn’t told them I had neck was nothing to do with my neck I had ripped my rotator cuff in my shoulder.....but this is how they squirm and squirm over nit picky things....


Hello, I had terrible trouble getting insurance as we wanted USA/Caribbean. I tried over 20 companies and was about to give up when I tried AllClear. They insured us but I must reiterate do tell them every single thing. We did have a claim last year for my husband and they paid out without a fuss. They are on the BHF website recommended list, good luck x

I opened a Flexiplus account with the Nationwide and obviously declared my AF and anticoagulant. Both my husband and I get worldwide annual cover, including his extreme sports, for £13.00 per month plus a one off annual supplement of £100 be ause of my heart issues.

They readily replaced my clutzy husband’s iPhone when he dropped it in the Med last summer and his passport when it was nicked in Paris 2 years ago.

I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Me too - we pay an extra £270 (about) but that not only covers me for my afib but my husband for long off-road biking trips and both of us for longer trips than normally covered every year. The money we save using the credit card abroad (which attracts no extra charges) more than covers the £13 a month charge.

I have used travel4medical for the past two years. Reasonable cost compared to others I tried.

I have an annual policy with Saga with 6 months to run. I told them last month I had been diagnosed with PAF and also had an attack of gout. They upped my premium by just under £5.

I found the Post Office on line was the best and cheapest for me

hi Vron

Your cover will depend on your age -

2 main questions :

1. Are you over 74 /75? - If you are your options will be limited as a lot of companies will not cover you.

2. Are you undergoing investigations of undiagnosed conditions? In this case quite a few companies will not cover you.

Bear in mind the e111 health card will still cover you in Europe (until Brexit is resolved) .

Another possibility is the scheme run by the women's institute -if you are under 74. You have to be under 74 and female, or the partner of same.

Another company to consider is goodtogo.

Good Hunting

hi try the post office i have paf and got insured online with post office for 35 pound good luck

I went with travelinsurance4medical. After doing a search on here this was the best deal for myself and my hubby.

Staysure have been good for us. X

I am 74 with permanent AF just had a annual cruise cover policy arranged with on line company Paying To Much .com annual cost reasonable and includes cruise cover take cruise cover off and it's excellent

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