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Does anyone know of an insurance company who will cover you while you are on the waiting list for an ablation I have just rung staysure and they don't cover you..I am hoping with the amount of knowledge you all have on this group it will save me trawling through various sites.I had my ablation for paroxymal atrial flutter almost 4 weeks ago now but unfortunately during the procedure I had runs of atrial fibrillation for which they had to give me flecanide to put me back in to NSR so I am now back on the waiting list for ablation for afib which I am listed for Jan.Any suggestions gratefully received.I am so grateful for this group just by being able to read other people's posts and queiries it has answered so many of my own worries and fears

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  • Generally go on money declare all and take cheapest option

  • The block to insurance is normally only if you are undiagnosed and waiting tests etc. Use the seach box top right as this is a common subject.

  • Its because i am on the waiting list for the ablation that they won't cover me but i have got insurance now through Allclear but obviously at a price.

  • Good but that really doesn't make sense.

  • The other insurance companies I tried online flagged up wouldnt cover as soon as put in was on a waiting list for procedure so I rang Allclear and spoke to a lovely lady who went through everything with me .Because my procedure is scheduled for Jan but I'm not travelling till June. on the websites the questions are very generic and its difficult answering the questions that fit you personally.I spoke to a very nice lady who went through everything that was relevant to my needs and I got the policy that best for me and apparently holiday insurance is cheaper if you are going to Portugal than if you are going to Spain as healthcare in Spain is more expensive.

  • Thanks for this explanation. It seems like a very good idea to ring and ask about this rather than just filling in the Qs on the web, as we are all different and AF is not well understood generally by most people. One approach might be to do the comparison sites with everything except the AF listed, and then ring the companies you fancy to add the AF in and see what they say? Might get a good price that way.

    I very rarely bother with holiday insurance, as I mainly tour UK with a caravan or visit family in Europe, but I do realise that for some expensive foreign holidays it is a necessity.

  • I had the same problem as i am on a waiting list for an ablation (been on it 12+ months). My AF actually reverted to NSR while i was on the holiday

    The insurance company would cover me but not for any heart related claim. Kind of the main reason you want insurance for is to cover you for your known health issues

  • try goodtogo?

  • Thanks Lanc2 I got sorted with Allclear

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