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Post Ablation

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Hi everyone,

I’m nearly 3 months since my Cryoblation. I’ve been doing really well apart from a few blips here and there and due to come off my Rivaroxaban on 30-01.

I am still experienced the niggley discomfort in my chest has anyone else experienced this?

I did mention it to my GP on Friday and he said it’s just were they have been rummaging around after the ablation and was nothing to worry about. Was just wondering if anyone else still had this and when it goes?

Thanks x

7 Replies
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Yep I have had that feeling as well... Had a Cryoablation Sept 2018 so 4 months ago and like you still getting a few blips / palpatations some days and sometimes a feeling like there's a wriggling worm in my heart or a bit of pressure there. Nothing to report AF wise fortunately... Best of luck to you 👍

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Amy2805 in reply to djbgatekeeper

Yeah that’s exactly what I’m feeling. Just like a pressure and every now and then like a sharp pain for a couple of seconds. GP wasn’t concerned so thanks for your experience makes me feel better that I’m not on my own. Glad your AF free me too let’s stay that way👍

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djbgatekeeper in reply to Amy2805

That's the plan 🙏

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Three months is still pretty early days really. We generally say three to six months and many people are still improving up to nine months.

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Amy2805 in reply to BobD

Thanks a lot so hopefully it will die down soon 👍

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I had my ablation more than 2 years ago now and I initially had the same feelings, it probably took a year before they disappeared completely.

Best of luck

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Amy2805 in reply to vincecorbin

Thankyou for sharing 👍

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