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Post ablation question


Today is 6 days post ablation. My heart rate has been about 10 bpm higher than normal but steady until this evening. I have some blips where the rate is dropping to 42 bpm and throwing some irregular beats. This especially happens when I lay down. I am only on apaxiban for NOAC and on metoprolol (50 mg) that I was on prior to the surgery. Has anyone else experienced this? Do you think my beta blocker might need to be adjusted downwards?

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Don't second guess. It is very early post ablation and you wont know the final result for about 3 months. Some irregularities don't seem to be uncommon and we all get anxious about these. Ultimately if you are really concerned contact your specialist of health care nurse. Hope all goes well.

Heart should settle down over time mine was crazy active for several months and got peaceful and regular eventually

It takes upwards of 3 Months for the scar to form which is the fix. I had a whole period where I was convinced that they had broken me but 4 months later I had little or no issues whatsoever and my pulse was going as low as 28BPM at night and as high as 118 all whilst sleeping with a pulse monitor on

In line with other respondents I would also say don't panic. I had an extremely unsettled period post ablation especially when I gradually came off beta blockers but one year on I feel great and, apart from Warfarin, am free of heart medication.

All normal I think fredsbam, I'm 5 months and my heart rate is also up by around 10 at 72. I suspect your specialist would want you to stay on your regular medication for a period of 3 to 6 months so they can assess the success of the ablation....try not to worry, it takes at least 3 months for your heart to settle after being zapped or frozen!!

Best wishes, and a lovely picture.......John

I am 6 weeks post ablation and also had all sorts of funny symptoms and lots of AF on and off. I went to see my EP last week and he said it was all very normal. Like others have said, I was told by my EP that it will take up to 6 months before the scar does it's job. He also said I could go back anytime I wanted if I was not sure or worried. So I would say, go and see your EP and let them check you over. They should be able to reasure you and they will also be able to see if there is anything out of the ordinary.


. It is too soon to say. . Irregular beats are normal after ablation as your heart is healing from ablation. It is been 11 days now from my second ablation. For me everything was fine for 4 days then I started to have PAC not occasionally but continuously for all day. After 48 hours I called my doctor. He put me back on metoprolol 25 mg one daily which didn't help so I went to ER (recommended by my doctor). They did ekg and blood work. They send the results to my doctor. My doctor said I had PAC which is normal. It lasted for 5 days before it stopped. Now my rhythm is back to normal. Usually it takes 5 days for metoprolol to get into your serum but still I recommend to call your doctor about heart rate. 2 years back when I was put on metoprolol my heart rate went to 45. My doctor had to to adjust the dose. I recommend you call your doctor and follow their recommendations.

If it helps I am now 7 months post my second ablation, still on 75mg metoprolol, Apixaban and other meds. In the first 4 months I had 3 24 hour episodes of AF and my EP was somewhat concerned as he had found very little to repair second time around and was concerned the AF might be coming from another source other than the pulmonary veins. We agreed to review it in 3 months - am awaiting an appointment - but have had no further episodes - at least as far as I'm aware and I am very symptomatic.

So very early days - the healing process and our bodies reaction to procedures are are all very different.

Do you have an arrhythmia nurse you can call on the EP's team? I have found that a valuable source of help and advice.

Best wishes.

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