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Anyone had the ablation at Leeds? x


Hi all

My ablation date was cancelled from the 4th to now the 25th Jan (I was elated when it was cancelled but now I wish it had not have been as it would have been over now!)

I am really scared but I know I have no option, I am scared of the GA more than anything, they reckon about 5 hours under.

Anyway they have changed from Dr Tayjabee to Dr Graham in Leeds General to do my procedure, has anyone any experience of Dr Graham, all looks really good online but I have not met him yet. Or has anyone any experience of the pre op or the ablation at Leeds. Thankfully I will have my TOE when I am under.GA.

Thanks all!

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Oh no!! I am so sorry to hear this. I have mine still on the 23rd fingers crossed. Like you I am terrified and have never met my EP. I am having sedation which scares the living he'll out of me. Best of luck for the 25th. Laura

booboo73 in reply to Lorlaw70

Hi Laura Good Luck and will be thinking of you and will keep a check on here to see how you have gone on. I'm sure we will both be fine but I'm sure we will be glad when it's over!! Keep in touch xxx

Lorlaw70 in reply to booboo73

Hi Booboo73 - Many thanks , I am feeling a bit anxious about it but I know it will hopefully help me. I will let you know how I get on. We will be fine and dandy after it all.

Take care and best of luck for yours on the 25th.

Laura xx


Hello BooBoo. long time not heard from you. I feel your worry and sending cyber hugs to calm you down. ((((( ))))) Don't worry about the GA. Those fairies are great fun to play with and I know you will be well looked after. The time will be a blink of an eye compared to the benfits you will have from the procedure.

Just make sure that you have read both our fact sheets on preparing for and recovering from ablation and I'm sure Matt will have given you details . Shout of you need anything.


booboo73 in reply to BobD

Hi Bob lovely to hear from you and hope you're keeping well.Yep I will be fine, I've read the fact sheets many times they are a Godsend, in fact the whole site has. Looking forward to the fairies!! xxoxx

If it’s Dr Lee Graham, google says he’s the senior EP at Leeds so sounds like you have hit the jackpot!! Not long to wait now, let us know how you get on......

booboo73 in reply to FlapJack

Yes he seems perfect. When I go for the pre op tomorrow I'm going to see if I can speak to him for 5 mins but unlikely as they are mad busy. But the research is spot on plus as daft as it sounds he looks lovely and someone I could trust and talk to. Thanks Flapjack. xxx

FlapJack in reply to booboo73

Bit like me you mean!!!😂😉👍

Hello BooBoo,

Please do relax about the procedure. It is fairly simple and well tested. Put your feet up enjoy being taken care of. Try, OK (-?

Been there, done that


booboo73 in reply to Globe-J

Thank you. Yes I intend to put my feet up and relax. My other half is coming to stay with me so I'm gonna make the most of it. I have brass service bell what I'm going to put on my bedside, it will drive him mad Ha ha!! xxxx

Globe-J in reply to booboo73

Best wishes, hope you will enjoy being spoiled

J (-:

Had my first ablation at Leeds two years ago, about to have my second touch up there as well. Outstanding care, don’t worry about it, I would recommend them to everyone!!!

booboo73 in reply to Adiepie

Thank you thats so reassurring to know, they have been great so far at Leeds, very professional just a shame they are run off their feet. Good luck with touch up xxo

Hi all sorry for late reply... had a few traumatic days ... scared to bloody death... so my other half took me away on a break on the condition I didn't Google anything ablation related ... feel better now thankfully as was really close to cancelling last week. I'm so dramatic !!! So I'm already for Friday ( Still secretly hoping I may be snowed in!) Going for the pre op tomorrow and hopefully all uphill from there Arghhh!! Lots of love xxxx

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