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Be positive take control f your life

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12 months go diagnosed with AF and mild CHF. Cardiologist wanted me on Ramipril, Bisoprolol and a blood thinner. I am quite active cycling and walking so stayed off them. This August/September had what I felt was 'cold' on the chest which resulted in me having a couple of nights with fast heart beat. So Doc., agreed to go on lowest dose of each. Worst thing I ever did after 9 days came of both, but started taking Ramipril a couple of days later. Side affects of which made my muscles painful and stiff, gave me more AF, affected my eyes, upset my stomach and made my head feel like the inside of a 'cement mixer'. Looked on internet for alternatives for blood pressure and CHF. Found a Life Extension Magazine Report of 2003 regarding natural approaches to treatment of CHF regarding use of amino acids, vitamins, herbs etc., also found advice else were on Web regarding reducing blood pressure.

I have purchased a blood pressure monitor and Fitbit. I 'blue tooth' both devices records to my smart phone. At my last check up with Cardiologist on 5 December I showed him my very good BP tests and my Fitbit daily 50 minute walk HR rate Cardio., agreed it was OK to drop off Ramipril considering the side effects and my BP results. Since coming off Ramipril BP as remained excellent, HR on BRISK walks [including up and over railway foot bridge twice] Resting HR averaging 55/65 every day as per Fitbit recording. Sleep pattern on FITBIT also good. Eating lots of BP lowering fruit/veg etc., has also reduced my weight by 4/6 lb and my muscle tone is v/good, however still feeling after affects of Ramipril eg. painful hip, shoulder and upper body muscles, especially around rib cage.

I say take control of your illness, discuss it with your Cardio.,/Doc., but make sure you take the decisions regarding your wellbeing! The Pharma industry make a lot of money out of selling drugs. Why should they promote natural remedies/ Mind you the natural remedies are not that cheap, but do tend to have little or NO side affects.

One last piece of advice rid yourself of ALL the Stressful situations whether at work or home. If necessary change your job or retire! A life style change is necessary and unavoidable if you wish to live the rest of your life happily and healthily!

Relax, find tranquillity, contentment and peace! BE HAPPY!!!! Have faith and believe!

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Good that you have taken control and had such noticeable improvements.

Presumably though you have not dropped your anticoagulant ( or blood thinner as you refer to it) ? We have heard of several on this forum who have gone against medics advice and done so with catastrophic outcome.

I like what you are doing but beware of the heart rate on the fit bit. When I was in high rate afib the fitbit reported my resting hr as low as 50% of the actual. 70 versus 140 plus. My Garmin 305 running watch with chest strap was quite accurate when compared on 3 occasions to NHS ecgs. This was explained in a previous post on this forum by someone else (cant remember who) as the fitbit monitors with light , whilst the GPS monitors electrial activity.

I think the post was actually for a polar gps/he monitor I advise this as when I was in Afib I could not tell as I was totally asymptomatic even at high rates. I have been running and my heart hit 243 and I would not have known only for the Garmin indicating this to me.

Absolutely agree, you are the chairman of your medical team and some of the most believable medics say Lifestyle changes remain the most important medicine.

As long as you are accurately monitoring what your heart is doing and it stays within normal range then not taking the drugs may be right for you at this time. But please continue with the anti coagulant as there is no way of measuring if a clot is forming and a stroke imminent

I agree wholeheartedly with you EagleOwl, positivity is key. I have probably gone

one step further and binned the meds. Cycling is also key to staying positive !

Good luck and Merry Christmas.

If you get the chance see if you can beg, borrow or acquire a copy of 'the haywire heart' by Case, Mandrola and Zinn. It is aimed at competitive cyclists but makes for informative and interesting reading. Sound like you a doing pretty well without it though. Congratulations.

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