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Random tachycardia

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I am 9 months post 2nd ablation. Things have been going OK, just the odd episode of AF which has responded well to PIP Flecainide. For the last 3 days I have had either tachycardia (100-120 BPM) with or without AF for the last 12 hours it has just been the tachycardia. Any suggestion on how I can return to normal rate? Can anyone tell me if they have had a similar experience and what the outcome has been? Just a bit disappointed, my mind is racing to doom and gloom!

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You need to see your doctor and have an ECG done which you can then send to your EP for guidance.

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Mo-ararat in reply to BobD

Thanks Bob. I sent a Kardia to my GP on Friday, no reply yet. I have been discharged from the cardiologist. Tomorrow I will go and get an ECG done and hopefully get things moving. Thanks again.

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BobDVolunteer in reply to Mo-ararat

I always short circuit things by e mailing my EP direct.

Hi, I had never had sinus tachycardia before my ablation, although I did have a number of episodes after ablation (over about an 18 month period) but then never since, my EP tells me that this is quite common, so essentially hang in there as I am sure that they will stop

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Mo-ararat in reply to karl1524

Thank you. I will hang on with fingers and toes crossed. 🤞

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Mo-ararat in reply to karl1524

Thanks Karl. It's been with me for just over 36 hours. Did your last as long?

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karl1524 in reply to Mo-ararat

Hi, not that long, my episodes were 4 or 5 hours long, but I had a number of them, once went to A&E as went to 140 but did come down and stopped over time, hope yours stop soon also 👍

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Mo-ararat in reply to karl1524

Thanks Karl fingers crossed. Each morning I awake just hope that I am in normal rate and rhythm.

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Marcus30 in reply to karl1524

Hi Karl,

Im having severe episodes of tachy, always 120, post my ablation (3 mths ago)

They have lasted for 3,4 and 7 days

Been booked in for a clean up 2nd ablation.

Can i ask how long yours lasted?

Should i second ablate or let time settle them down?

Also, my chest feels horrendous when in tachy, extremely difficult to live with. Did you experience such horrible chest and throat feelings or was it just a fast HR and you were otherwise fine?



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karl1524 in reply to Marcus30

Hi Marcus, sorry to hear this, my episodes lasted for about 4 or 5 hours each, no pain to throat or chest, this could be extreme anxiety due to the tachy but always best to check with your cardiologist / EP, hope your rid of them soon 👍

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