Update from today

Hi all

Well the cardioversion went well, in fact I'm back in NSR, which considering I think it's been 5 years since I was in NSR is pretty dramatic.

Of course this is probably because of the Amiodarone taken for the last two months prior to the CV, and it's unlikely a) to stick, or b) for me to be able to stay on Amiodarine long term IF that is the only way to keep me in NSR

So how do I feel? well elated but tired which is probably how most people feel after a successful CV, although not yet any different to being in persistent AF as I was this morning for example. Still a little sore where the pads were, but that will go by tomorrow as I know.

I have to say coming round from the general I couldn't take my eyes off the monitor, I kept saying "I've got a p wave, I'm in sinus" which apparently I repeated half a dozen times at least.

The plan is to see how different I feel being in NSR as opposed to peristent and then to make a decision about the next steps with my EP when we have done so.

Let's hope I stay in NSR for at least a few weeks, but probably the only way I will know is by using the Alivecor morning and evening to check so here's hoping.

Be well


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  • Oh well done Ian. So pleased for you. Fingers crossed!!

  • Dear Ian, great to hear everything went well. Hope you recover from feeling tired soon.

  • Great to hear your good news.Fingers crossed it lasts and you keep that P wave.It must seem amazing after all those years .


  • Well done Ian, fingers crossed for you.


  • Hi Ian glad to hear everything went well x Basia .

  • Good news I think Ian. If nothing else it shows you aren't permanent! Stay well mate.

  • Hope everything continues to go well for you. It's always lovely to read really positive happy results. Let's hope they stay that way.

  • Glad to hear you are doing so well.

  • Welcome to the much coveted NSR Ian!

    Long may it last.


  • Must feel strange! All good wishes. May NSR last for ... ages.

  • Great news Ian - very best wishes for long NSR.

  • Wow, it is so hard for me to imagine that it really doesn't feel any different although I know that many people are the same. I guess only time will tell if you feel any better in S.R. so keep us posted. It's so good of you to do this experiment for us! X

  • Thats good news Mr Beancounter, Happy for you!

  • So pleased all went well Hope things all work out for you.

  • A good news story to start the day, very pleased for you Ian

  • Excellent, good luck.

  • Sounds like you're cooking on gas!

  • Great news. Must be horrible to be in persistent AF. Bad enough getting an episode every couple of weeks. Keep up the good work. You and the others on this forum have been a great help since I was diagnosed with PAF.


  • Great news Ian. Hope that it continues.

    Lynn. I have been in persistent AF for many, many months except for a week after a cardioversion in November. In one way it is worse being permanent but in another way it is more of a "level situation" in my case because the swings between my normal level and peak AF activity aren't as wide because I am on a higher level to start with. I hope that makes sense.

  • Good news...well done you. Stay well!! :-)

  • Good for you Ian, do hope this gives you some hope for a more lasting treatment and you like enjoy NSR! Keep us informed won't you.

  • Best wishes Ian xx

  • Keep us posted...I'm not sure I could go thro all that as I feel so well even tho not been in sinus for8 years....

  • Well done Ian, but if your AF was previously asymptomatic, in what way do you expect to feel any different being in NSR ?


  • Fanbloomintastic news Ian.....

  • That's amazing, NSR after five years ! So pleased for you.

  • Fingers crossed for you, Ian. Really pleased

  • Hope you stay well

  • Well done you.

    Take care


  • That's just great! So pleased for you. Keep well

  • Great news Ian, long may it last !

  • I am so happy for you, I really hope it lasts!

  • That's good news Ian, hope it sticks there for a while. Will be interested to know if you feel any better in NSR. This is more or less the route I am going down and must say I felt so much better in rhythm than in persistent AF, hence waiting for an EP appointment to discuss alation, apart for the anxiety of waiting for it to flip out again. Wouldn't it be wonderful if it never went out again, will keep my fingers crossed for you.


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